Friday , April 16 2021

Love to return home: Another couple who found happiness in the show passed?

Remember the assassination Mirana Shinkovtsa from the first season of the show Love at home? He quietly fell in love with the light blue in his play to his ears Marino Petric, the mother of the former mistress of Slovenia Peter Klintsa. The couple is expected to marry last year, but the marriage was canceled, but this year, according to the magazine "Zvezda", even split. In four months, Marina was no longer living with Miran.

And what do the former pigeons say? "I will not comment on this," is everything that Mirren told us, and Marina was detained: "I will not give more information".

Otherwise, Milan and Marina are not the only ones who met in the show and later split. Also, there was no connection between Vesna Sastaric in Miho Rebernak, who met in the second season of Love Love at Home.

Marina Petric, Miran Shinkovec, Love at home | Author: Voio


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