Thursday , October 1 2020

Kate with a few pounds: Are you expecting twins?


Compared to Megan Markle (38) has Kate Middleton (37) almost secular in the British public. But the (almost) complete Duchess of Cambridge, otherwise considered a "hard" royal daughter-in-law who always follows a strict protocol and tradition, recently reportedly broke it.

Kate seems to relax a bit with a few glasses of alcohol, along with the mothers of children attending the same school as Prince. Oh and the princess Charlotte. Kate came out the back door to celebrate, avoiding the paparazzi. If Kate really looked a little deeper in the glass, then they certainly don't follow the suggestion that the British tabloids are pregnant for the fourth time. Because she recently gained weight, some even consider wearing twins under her heart. Kate is very much interested in raising a family, and William is a little less excited about the idea. Bookmakers recently changed Kate's chances of giving birth to 1: 5 in 2020.

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