Saturday , April 17 2021

Jidan: Resistance is the ability to survive, self-confidence and responsibility

National Assembly President Dejan Zidan, at the national celebration of the Day of the Rebellion against the Occupator, must also feel the resistance in modern times as a state of solidity, such as self-confidence and responsibility. He asked us not to share the past, but to not together.

"We can not precisely judge this time right now because we did not live. After the war of the generation we were born, we did not experience such fateful decisions"The Speaker of the National Assembly warned in a speech at the hall of Zlatno Polje in Carniola Hall Dejan Jidan. However, in his words, "that today, because of this history, we are even more confused by warriors during the war, who are still looking at the other."

He expressed disappointment, because there is a constant rectification, change, or even a change in historical facts, rather than accepting his own history and learning from the decisions of the people: "Sometimes, in this new battlefield, the writing of reconciliation is rejected, which, however, is buried in its even more beautiful, as if we did not finish, because we always allow to burn the differences between us at that time."

As noted, Slovenia's independence was 28 years ago,"which was achieved through the massive decision of the Slav nation for independence, the military courage of the Territorial Defense, the determination of the militia, the diplomatic success of politics and the courage of the media, the last historical test of the Slavic resistance". In his words, the high degree of independence in independence was faded over time.

"The new divisions in our own and ours have come to the fore. Because of these divisions, we ignored many other, perhaps, fateful decisions for the Slovenian people" he warned. He raised the question why in this remarkable independence of the Slovenian nation we do not reveal the most important message: if we organize for a common goal, we can together overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

"Therefore, as Slovenia, like Europe, and as a human being, we face new and enormous challenges, today, when facing new and enormous challenges, we need to find this message, find this inspiration, find this power : to resist the fate: in the past they threaten our self-esteem, our sovereignty, our survival and our humanity "added the Jew.

On state celebrations on the day of the rebellion against the occupier, which will be celebrated on Saturday, many prominent representatives of the political and social life, led by the President of the Republic, Borut Pahor. There are several ministers, a former president Milan Kucan, Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces Alenka Ermenz and the director of the police Tatiana Bobnar.

He is a director and screenwriter of the celebration Tomaž Letnar, and here there are actors, musicians and singers who joined the alpine part of Krn in one of the points. There are also celebrations of veterans' organizations and veterans.

The Liberation Front of the Slovenian nation (OF), the central organization of the resistance of Slovenes in World War II, was founded on April 26, 1941, on the day Adolf Hitler was in Maribor. At least two decades after the war, it was considered that the founding meeting in the industrial complex of Vidar of Vidar was given one day later, and therefore the April 27 election for rest – until 1991, the day of the AF, and then the day of the rebellion against the occupier .

There was no pre-war party in the PR, but political dissidents and factions of the previous parties of the two political camps entered. Groups differ the world's view, political past and size. The decisive role in the OFRs was consistently communist, although there were only about 1000. But for two decades of illegal activity, they were mostly trained to work in the occupation.

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