Saturday , October 16 2021

In Ljubljana, the first Slovenian scientific and scientific conference dedicated to the International Day of Radiology

As part of the consultation, eight thematic sections will be devoted to the topic of various ways of diagnosing and treating the heart, and will also dispel myths about the use of radiation. The leaders of radiology, radiology, medical physics and the Ministry of Health will share their knowledge during this event.

As the organizers of the conference said STA, the International Day of Radiology and Radiological Technology is celebrated to build closer relations between radiologists, radiologists and medical physicists. According to the organizers, these three expert groups allow safe and high-quality diagnostic imaging in the territory of Slovenia.

"Joint performance on November 8, we want to increase awareness of the importance of radiological treatment in effective prevention and treatment in society and the role of individual profiles in this work," they added.

The scientific-scientific conference is organized by the Department of Radiological Technology of the Medical Faculty in Ljubljana, the Association of Radiological Engineers of Slovenia, the Chamber of Radiologists in Slovenia, the Association of Radiology of Slovenia, the Clinical Radiology Institute of the UOC in Ljubljana and the Students' Council of the Medical Faculty.

The consultations will take place on Thursday, at 16.00, in the lecture hall P18 at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana.

The topics of the consultation refer to this year's topic of the International Day of Radiology and Radiological Technology, which was established by the European Radiology Association together with partners.

The World Radiology Day at the world level this year is already sixth and was created on the initiative of the European and American professional organization in the field of radiology and radiological technology.

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