Friday , April 16 2021

"I want to bring this notebook lucky"

Children look forward to the end of the school year, but their parents usually do not, because that means they are waiting for the purchase of new school materials. Many families can not afford it. Only caricatures helped buy notebooks and other supplies last year, as many as 11,123 students, which is almost in 370 classes. Since requests for help are still high, this year they organize the Gift Gifts campaign, which fosters solidarity among their peers.

Last year, Caritas turned to many families who need help buying school materials. Last year, assistance was received throughout the country in the form of school materials 11.123elementary school, which is almost for 370 children's classes. Many families are also seeking help this year. Especially those who are affected by the unemployment of parents, diseases and other difficult circumstances.

Every child receives a postcard, which at home or at school writes a message, thought, greeting, or drawings for a hidden friend in trouble that will get the notebook.PHOTO: Slovenian Caritas

In the eleventh year now, Slovenian Beers invite you to support and participate in the Gift Gifts campaign. The campaign also aims to gather as many volumes as possible for socially vulnerable children and children to promote solidarity with their peers this year. The action was very successful over the years.

A poster calling on children to be solidarity with their peers.PHOTO: Slovenian Caritas

Last year more than 29,000 volumes were distributed by Diocese Caritas for socially endangered children. In this year, 237 primary schools and 93 kindergartens have already been registered.

Caritas asks children and their parents to provide a new, large, deleted notebook for primary school students who also need such assistance in Slovenia. The books contain more than 11,000 socially endangered children, who Caritas will help schools during the summer.

Every child receives a postcard, which stops a message, thought, greeting and / or drawings in a home or school for a hidden friend in trouble that will receive the laptop. The postcard is then placed in a donated notebook. Children can also read the thoughts of the whole class. In some schools, students from the final triad also prepare a concert or other event and collect books instead of tickets.

Anyone can help with SMS messages ZVEZEK or STAR5 until 1919 and donates 1 or 5 euros for assistance with school supplies for socially disadvantaged students in elementary school in Slovenia. Terms and guidelines.

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