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Horoscope for Sunday, December 6

Andreja Novak / good karma

Andreja Novak, good karma, horoscope, stars

Sasho Schwigej

Andreja Novak – energy researcher and astrologer

Watch how conversations with certain friends activate you and exhaust you with others. Take a step forward and call the positives multiple times and make changes for the better.

Secret emotions will come to the fore and if you do not trust your partner, you will get the feeling that you are hiding something big and important from him. We are talking as soon as possible.

Withdrawal will help you to think about the wider meaning of your life. The insights of the past days have shaken your established plan and it is time for changes.

The environment will make you restless, which will seem extremely strange to you, because there will be nothing wrong. But you get used to stress and problems, which is understandable, but a little pointless.

You will be happy in the partnership and you will want conversations. But it is possible that happiness ends here, because you have forgotten that the topics are more one-sided and that you are silent most of the time.

You have too many worries, especially since you can not change most of them. Review your fears and worries and write down everything you can not change so as not to ruin your health.

The inner well-being will be sparkling and full of energy. Interestingly, however, you will not show it outwardly, as if you have decided to be unattractive to your surroundings in order to keep the peace.

You want to make the connections and put them on a better footing, but it will not go as you planned. You will not have the nerve to hear the same thing over and over and you would rather withdraw.

You have spent so much lately that a normal day will seem like a real blessing to you. Be relaxed regardless of work, because you know that everything will be waiting for you.

Take care of your physical well-being, because it can happen that your life energy dries up at least at the right moment, which will embarrass you. Regular exercise helps.

Super well-being will follow the feeling that you have everything under control and that you get along very well with everyone. You did not even think that maybe this is an illusion and that they prefer to retire.

Breathing will be precious to you and by thinking about it you will realize your greatest talents. A new period begins that you will remember after conscious breathing.

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