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Hodge estimates police officers will receive appropriate containers and tents by mid-month

Ever since the establishment of checkpoints on the border with Italy during the first wave of the epidemic, the Police Union of Slovenia has been warning of inadequate working conditions for police officers who are still facing wind and snowstorms these days. On the GPU, they ensure that they have already reached an agreement with the supplier for the proper processing of the containers at the checkpoints.

With the Covid-19 spring epidemic, checkpoints were set up on the border with Italy, where police officers work 8 to 12 hours a day. At two points, police set up two high tent canopies for buses and trucks, and Fernetici has a permanent canopy, according to the Slovenia Police Union.

In bad weather, as we witnessed in the previous days, the police work on snow and strong winds of pine. Set up tents and canopies do not offer the necessary protection from the weather,“They stressed. That is why they are asking the employer to place living containers under tents and canopies, from which police officers will carry out checks safely and protected from bad weather.

The working conditions of the police at the Italian border are expected to be regulated soon.PHOTOS: POP TV

In the General Police Administration (GPU), however, they explained that the checkpoints are provided as temporary points. “Due to the prolongation of the epidemic, they were not withdrawn, but at the same time, due to the changed content of the work of the checkpoints, it turned out that their functionality would need to be upgraded,“They confessed to the police.

Due to the specifics of each checkpoint, discussions were held with individual police administrations on how to improve each checkpoint, both in terms of tents and containers. According to the GPU, only three more checkpoints in the area of ​​Koper Police Administration need to be updated. container suppliers.

The final decision was reached at the end of last month, and the supplier has already submitted an offer to upgrade the mentioned checkpoints. “It has been agreed that they will give priority to carrying out the necessary processing of the windows and moving the doors and moving the containers in accordance with our requirements.They explained to the police.

They reminded that during that time they additionally agreed on the lighting of the checkpoint in Fernetici, and the Koper police administration agreed with the road managers to agree on traffic signals due to the upgraded traffic regime. In addition, in order to ensure adequate working conditions, all containers are equipped with office equipment and provide natural ventilation, cooling in the summer months and heating in the winter.

Frozen border guards in unbearable conditions

Acting Director General of Police Andrej Juric In addition, he instructed the director of the police administration Koper to try to minimize the burden by upgrading the arrangement of the above checkpoints by properly organizing the deployment of police officers. Juric expects a solution as soon as possible and the shortcomings have not yet been addressed. said the GPU.

Minister of Interior Aleш Hoys During his working visit to Primorska on Friday, he said that more than three weeks ago he had instructed that all necessary procedures be carried out to secure suitable containers and tents. He estimated that the work could be resolved by December 15.

The police union reminded that they have been warning about inadequate working conditions since the establishment of checkpoints, but things have not moved to this day. At their initiative, a meeting was held in mid-November at one of the checkpoints, at which the police ensured that the arrangement of all checkpoints would be completed by the end of the month.

According to the latest information, the work should be resolved soon. If that does not happen, they will report to the competent inspection due to inadequate working conditions, the union announced.

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