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Celjane's important victory

November 18, 2018 at 4:49 pm,
last intervention: November 18, 2018 at 18:59

Celje Pivovarna Laško handball players made one of the most important tests in the group of league champions in crowded Zlatorog with perfection. Eternal rivals, Zagreb's team, were very angry (30:21).

The teams met for a second time in a short time – at the end of last week, Celje fans in Zagreb were suspended at 24:22, this time the age-old rivals from Zagreb completely lost.

This is an important Celjane victory, because they returned to the places that brought them a breakthrough in the eighth final, but the road to extraordinary duels will even be a thorn.

Celje's victory was achieved thanks to hard defense and an effective and ingenious attack that competed with the opponent in the second half.

A hard and equal fight in the first half
The first half was supposed to be stiff and equal, and Celjani, who also had the advantage of three goals (10: 7), with a minimal advantage (10: 9).

The Celje machine began to grind
The other half of Celjani opened perfectly, they took 14:10. Coach Lino Červar had to take a break. But that did not help him because the Celje team could not stop anymore.

When goalkeeper Celjanov Klemen Ferlin scored a blank goal for the second time in a row, Celjani was leading by six goals (18:12). The advantage increased, after another goal from Ferlin from a distance, Celjani led six goals (22:14). After a successful counterattack in the 53rd minute, Celjani scored the biggest advantage (25:16). The winner's question was almost solved. The guests stayed behind in the next few minutes, but Celje fans again achieved the highest difference in the nine goals (30:21).

The Celje team was the most effective Branko Vujović with seven and Tilen Kodrin with six goals.

Statistics after the game
Tomaz Ocvirk, Celje Pivovarna Laško coach: "Today's victory is dedicated to our colleagues in the offices that work hard all month to fill the hall, and it succeeded and this victory for them, as well as Florian, who celebrates 25 years and prepared for us an amazing atmosphere in which players flew after game the first half gave way to the end, but we kept calm, because we still had the advantage, because it was about to show the fight and fight to the end, that we are a team, I think we managed to achieve more, that's why we congratulate the guys, the victory was won, we were gathered, responsible, we knew that in the second part we would improve the implementation, all this happened, we believed in success and finally we deserved it. "

Lino Cervarcoach of Zagreb: "Congratulations to Celje for a well-deserved victory In the first half we played well, we were alone, they were just to score, but in the second half Celje read the lesson, we tried with all defense, in attack with seven players, while Celje always had the answer, for which I congratulate the trainer and his players, we got a lesson which we must now analyze and prepare for the continuation. "


GROUP B, 8th round

30:21 (10: 9)

Celje Pivovarna Laško: Panjtar, Ferlin 2, Vujović 7, Jurečič 2, Malus 2, Kljun, Kosec, Razgor, Ovniček 5, Šarac, Nenadić 1, Accambray 3, Kodrin 6, Horžen, Anić, Bećiri 2.

Zagreb: Ristanović, Kastelic 1, Mrakovčić, Božić Pavletić 4, Kontreč 2, Burić 1, Sršen 2, Horvat 5, Šušnja, Potočnik 2, Ravnić 2, Qerimi 2, Mandić, Hrstić, Bičanić, Vekić.

Siedmiometry: 01.02; 3/5.
Exclusions: 12 minutes; 6 minutes
5,500 viewers.

33:33 (14:15)
Sostaric 4, Bombac 2, Gaber 1; Grebenc 1.

23:27 (13:12)

20:27 (9:12)

Order: PSG 16, Pick Szeged 13, Nantes 7, Flensburg, Skjern and Celje after 6, Zagreb and Zaporozhye after 5.

GROUP A, 8th round

31:26 (16:12)
Captain 1 for Montpellier.

36:27 (20:15)
Mačkovšek 3, Gajić 2, Blagotinšek 1.

34:31 (17:15)
Janc 6; Razgor 5.

34:26 (16:15)
Dolenec 1; Scouts 2.

Order: Barcelona 14, Kielce 12, Rhein NL and Vardar 10, Veszprem 8, Meškov Brest 4, Montpellier and Kristianstad 3.

Victory of Velenjci, Celjanka
In the first match of the third round of the EHF European Cup, handball players from Velenje Gorenje beat the Spanish Granollers at 25:24 and can still expect to divide into the second part of the strongest club played on the old continent.

Handball players Z & # 39; Dežele quickly ended their performances on the international stage. After a Saturday draw with the Swedish Bodno 27:27, today's return race of the third round of the European Challenge Cup fell from 28:39. Team Celje played both matches in Scandinavia.

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