Monday , September 20 2021

Franko was massaging Zdenko in his underwear

Tension in the show Farm is bigger every day, which compels competitors to unusual alliances. That's right denis most friends from Sabino. Franc but at least it is clearly a clan AnetaNik. Miha was the last one who took care of the tension because he was very happy with the players and spectators. Franko must massage his teammates in pants, and the first one is left to touch Zdenka.

Denis became the head of the family. PHOTO: Pop TV

Miha with his two-year letter, Denis was appointed head of the family. He decided to rule the property on the estate, and Aneta was appointed as a girl, while Franko was a servant. The lady has already given away the tasks, and the family has several working days ahead of them, since Hope she was not too enthusiastic about the situation on the farm.

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