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due to a flu of at least 45 dead

ZAGREB – In Croatia, 45 deaths and 28,664 cases of illness have been reported by Sunday, the Croatian Public Health Institute (HZPH) announced. They estimate that they are approaching the peak of this year's influenza epidemic in Croatia, after 11,000 people were contracted last week, the highest number of patients this year.

Since January 18, when the first aggregated data on seven deaths and just over 8600 people with a diagnosis of influenza were published, in the last ten days due to influenza, 37 people died and more than 20,000 people became ill.

Given that the number of patients has risen sharply in the second half of January, it is estimated that the tip of the flu may last for several weeks, and then gradually slow down.

Death of all ages

The institute also noted on its website that among the victims of this year's flu, a person aged 7 to 96 and 25 are elderly people aged 65 and suffering from chronic illness.

They pointed out that this year the type A virus spread in Croatia and that most of the patients were registered in Zagreb and its surroundings, as well as in Slavonia and Dalmatia.

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