Wednesday , January 27 2021

Drama actress Judith Hahn-Kraft has died

Playwright Jududita Hahn-Kraft, a longtime member of the Ljubljana City Theater, in which she played nearly a hundred roles between 1952 and 1988, has died. Fighting time and disease, she said goodbye forever at the age of 94.

Judith Hahn – Kraft left behind a great current work.PHOTO: MGL

Jududita Han – Cancer she was born on September 16, 1926, to the Jewish family Murska Sobota, Han. She spent part of World War II (1944 and 1945) in the Auschwitz concentration camp. After the war, she enrolled at the then Academy of Performing Arts and graduated in 1952, but formally graduated only in 1977. From her young acting years until her retirement in 1984, she was a permanent member of the City Theater of Ljubljana, as well as being an official After finishing her acting career, she remained faithful to her beloved theater and played several more roles in it.

Her acting career consists of 98 roles from different genres in the same number of plays. She first appeared in front of the audience and colleagues in 1952 in the role of Zora Anderlic in her work. Carolina Reshka directed byJoze Tirana, and the last role in her acting career was the role of the widow in Petan’s drama Dachau processes in 1988. In addition to acting in theater, she has appeared in radio plays, TV dramas, and movies. Fadil Hadzic The other side of the coin, in which she played the main female role of Eva Rusic.

Jududita Hahn – Kraft in the role of Zora AnderlicPHOTO: MGL

During her acting career, she excelled in character roles. It was Laura c Glass menagerie Tennessee Williams, Cassandrav There will be no Trojan War Jeanan Irairado, Marjutka v Ballad for a lieutenant and Marjutka Brother Kraft, Katarina in Cankar’s comedy For the good of the people, Viola vs. Shakespeare The twelfth night, Linhart’s wife, Josephine c Extreme comedians, Vida, daughter of Rutar s Torn, Рошлинка v The Widow Roslinka … Even roles in other genres, comedy, burqa, satire, were not foreign to her. Her work includes many games for children and young people. She participated in In the Balbin Experimental Theater Batelino Baranovi,, vwhich played the title role in the production Terez Rakin Amila Zolaja in Ines v Closed door Jean-Paul Sartra.

In 1972, she received a Bortnik diploma for her role as Julien’s mother in Jean Anouilh’s play. Do not be a lady directed by Mileta Coruna, and in 1978 a Silver Wreath Order of Merit for the Nation.

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