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Dad ran away from the police. It was stopped only by the tire that fell



Police found the 32-year-old, who stole several items from shops in the Brezice area. The man was first spotted stealing his license plate, and then police officers found his vehicle, and the driver continued to drive until the tire went down, despite police trying to stop him. Officers found several stolen items worth about $ 400 in the vehicle.

Shortly after 2pm, officers were informed that a foreigner had allegedly stolen a license plate from a parked vehicle, mounted it on his vehicle and drove off. Officers who found a Fiat Mare car in Leskovac were notified and stopped by signal signals. The driver ignored police officers' signs; he continued to drive at an accelerated speed and stopped the front tire and tried to flee on foot. Police officers at the Krsko Police Station arrested and fled the fugitive driver, the New Post police department said.

Vehicle of the offender.PHOTO: PP Krsko

During the proceedings, they confirmed that the 32-year-old driver from Ljubljana had stolen a license plate and mounted it on his vehicle, and also carried several items in his car, which he was found to have stolen in a Brezice shop. Stolen plates and stolen items worth less than $ 400 have already been returned to the damaged parties.

The 32-year-old offender, who does not have a valid driver's license, was apprehended by police officers and, after the investigation is completed, he will be prosecuted by the competent prosecutor's office.

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