Monday , October 25 2021

Blizzard plans mobile games from all of its franchises


If you do not live under the stone, you've certainly heard about how the Blizzard developer showed up at his Blizzcon concert when he announced Diablo Immortal, exclusive to mobile phones. Their fans, who primarily reside on the PC platform, shouted loudly and shouted through the Internet, and the case still has not calmed down.

And Blizzard can not and co-founder of the studio, Allen Adham told the Korean Youtube channel 리뷰 빌런 하텍 that the announcement of the title Diablo Immortal was just the beginning.

"Many of us switched to playing mobile phones from a PC game, and now many of our best programmers are working on mobile titles that will come from most of our franchises, some of which work with external partners, as with Diablo Immortal, and we develop some of them internally, and soon we will be able to provide more information about them. Today we have more products than ever in our development and our future is very clear. "

Adham explained that he devoted himself to mobile devices, primarily because they finally approached the power of computers and consoles, which would allow them to get closer to their younger audience in the United States, which mainly reproduces addresses on their mobile phones.

Finally, Allen confirmed that they have not forgotten about their loyal audience on the PC and that several teams are developing various Diablo projects that will be revealed in the future.

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Advertise on our websites, more information.

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