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Austrian subcategory stuck in corruption scandal?

President of the Austrian Freedom Party and Chancellor Heinz Christian Strach, were caught trying to meet in Ibiza in support of the election with a supposedly Russian billionaire who will "help" the deal in Austria. Can the Austrian government fall for that?

Der Spiegel and Suddeutsche Zeitung today announced a video from a meeting in which the president of the Austrian Freedom Party FPO and the understatement Heinz Christian Strach months before the 2017 election in a villa in Ibiza, with an alleged Russian billionaire. At the meeting with the leader of the liberals, he was also the leader of the deputy group Johann Gooden.

In exchange for help, it should support freelancers

The Russian, who was portrayed as a grandson of an influential Russian businessman, was ready to invest in the country for large sums of money. The Austrian should offer its lucrative contracts or public contracts if it wants to buy the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung and then support the freelancers in the elections. But it was a trap, an unknown woman was not the grandchild of a Russian businessman.

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The head of the Austrian identity of the conqueror from New Zealand invited the beer

An argument in his defense today explained that it was only a relaxed private conversation, and that he repeatedly warned that he did not respect the Austrian legal order.

The opposition calls on the Chancellor to take responsibility

The opposition urged Strachia to resign. The affair can also be frustrating for the Austrian government, in which the FPO, in addition to the People's Party, is a coalition partner. Head of the Austrian Social Democrats (SPO) Pamela RandyWagner is the Austrian Chancellor Sebastiana Kurza she called for responsibility for allies in the coalition.

Discover illegal party funding?

Fear and Gooden, among other things, mentioned the possible unlawful financing of the party, writes Der Spiegel. As they say, there are many very wealthy people who pay between 500,000 and 2 million euros, but this money does not go into the client's budget, but in a charity that is not affiliated with the client. Thus, bonds can avoid supervising the Court of Auditors.

Der Spiegel and Süddeutsche Zeitung did not disclose the source, but reported that the video was real, and it was also confirmed by a court video expert.

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