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Apple is introducing a new version of the AirPods headset

Without much fanfare, Apple released a new version of its highly popular AirPods wireless headset on its website that will carry the Pro extension Apple typically uses for higher end devices.

Compared to the second generation of AirPods headphones, the Pro version will have the most active noise-activation feature. This is due to the built-in H1 10-core audio processor that was already present in second-generation AirPods. In addition to noise cancellation, the processor will also be responsible for adjusting the volume of certain frequencies to the shape of the user's ear (a similar function is provided by, for example, Sonos One speakers that adjust the volume according to the room's shape). Noise suppression is expected to work with extreme reliability, as headset microphones will record ambient noise even twice a second.

AirPods Pro will also be able to operate in what is known as transparent mode, which emits a certain amount of ambient noise to the user's hearing instrument using two microphones, which is ready if we are still aware of what is happening in the the surroundings while listening to music.

Another big change is the design: The Pro version of the headset, unlike the previous AirPods, has the ability to fit silicone ear guides to fit in the shape of the ears. When choosing the right size attachment, users will be helped by a software test that measures the volume in the ear and matches the volume with the volume coming from the headset itself. If the volume level matches, the user selects the right size nozzle.

AirPods Pro will charge just like before, with a dedicated lightning-charge charging station allowing the handset a total of 24 hours of operation. One charge should last four and a half hours with active noise cancellation. The headphones are also partially waterproof and sweat resistant because they are built to IPX4 standard. The microphone slot is also slightly different so that the microphones will be able to record speech more clearly in windy conditions.

A common complaint about the AirPods headphones is its relatively high price (around $ 160), which will be even higher for the Pro version: $ 249 in the US and $ 279 in Apple's European stores. The phones have been on sale since October 30th.

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