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Amber showed heavy photographs in court

Almost three years after the divorce, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are returning to court. Since Depp filed documents in March in which the ex-woman sought compensation. Amber has already responded to this, but now photographs of injuries and destruction also found themselves in the first place.

As we have already written, she is an actressAmber Heard she responded to the lawsuitJohnny Depp. In court documents, she again described the alleged abuses of her ex-husband who "was supposed to hit her on stage with James Franco" and "left her bloody quarrel when she was on ecstasy" when they were married for only a month.

The senator asked the court to give up the suit, and then re-describe what is happening in their relationship. She also provided photographs of abuse. She portrays photographs of her face, scalp and hands and ruined clothing, including a mirror image, which the star of the year began screaming because she was jealous and claimed to have cheated him with the player Billy Bob Thornton.

She also said the star was violent before the wedding. In 2014, she was attacked on the plane, she again was the cause of jealousy, this time she accused him of cheating him with the player James Franco. It should be metal objects, and then throw it into the back. The famous star later apologized, saying this would not happen again, but due to alcohol and drugs, similar actions would have taken place several times.

Just one month after the wedding, they emerged as a result of taking the drug to the player, struck her again, strangled her and spit on her. At that time, he allegedly injured his fingers, film producers Pirates of the Caribbeanthe injury should be displayed as a result of an accident.

Depp and Hurd met in 2011 Read a diaryin the report of February 2015, but in May 2016, when the violence began, she filed a prohibition of rapprochement, as well as a divorce application.

What happened behind closed doors?PHOTO: AP

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