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Also, expect the snow to be low and then turn around

LJUBLJANA – Today, in Primorsko and mountains, over 1700 meters above sea level, it is mostly clear, mostly cloudy, and sometimes fog elsewhere. During the day, the upper layers of the atmosphere from the west were amplified everywhere, and the low clouds gradually collapsed. The highest daily temperatures will range from -1 to 4, in Goriska and in the sea to about 8 degrees Celsius.

Overnight, it will be mostly cloudy, but some places in the north will have some shade. There will be a slight storm in the coastal region. The lowest morning temperatures will range from -4 to 0, in the Alpine valleys from northern Slovenia to -8, in places with borax in Primorsk slightly above 0 degrees Celsius.

On Thursday, it will be mostly cloudy, especially in the southeast, with small snowfall. In the afternoon cloud will be torn. Breeze in Primorsk will be sunny everywhere in the afternoon, the southern wind will break through to the northeast. The highest daily temperatures will be from -1 to 4, in Primorsko about 7 degrees Celsius, predicted by the Environmental Agency (Arso).

The snow will go to the rain

"Tomorrow there may be some snowflake, and on Friday night, it will still be cold enough to get a possible inch or two snow, but on Friday afternoon, with hot air over the Mediterranean, it will be very hot, so the snow will pass in the rain, the snow border will increase to about 1,500 meters or more. Indeed, it will rain, and then it will rain on Saturday, "said the timekeeper Brane Gregorcic. Above the sea and the northeast, the southern wind will grow.

High temperatures will compromise the Golden Fox. PHOTO: Roman Shipik

"The warmest day is likely to be Saturday, temperatures in the lowlands will be between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius." In the lowlands, the whole snow will be raised, just as old as the new one, if it happened on Friday evening. the lowlands are not in the plan for a while, "said Gregorcic. The highest rainfall is expected on Saturday or Sunday on Saturdays and Fridays. Only with snow in the high mountains, the snow border is likely to be about 1500 meters, occasionally up to 1700. "On Sunday it will be a little cooler, but there will be little rainfall, so that for winter in the lowlands, unfortunately, there is no prospect," it is projected.

Time will follow the Golden Fox

At the end of the week, Maribor Pohorje will host a competition of alpine skiers "Golden Fox". Tom Gregorčič predicts that the main precipitation for the week: "It will rain, it may still be free from precipitation on Friday." The game on Friday may still be in dry weather. "The temperature will rise, but because it can freeze overnight , the performances of the match on Friday will be bigger, and the night on Saturday and Saturday will be warmer, so I do not know how their hands will go. On Saturday, heavy rain for the Pohorje region is not in sight, but the temperatures are between 5 and 10 degrees " , concluded Gregorčič.

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