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Akrapovic made a new component for Lamborghini


Akrapovic supplies the new part of the car with the manufacturer of prestigious fast vehicles. This time it is not about the exhaust system.

Akrapovic has entered into a technical partnership with renowned Italian manufacturer of super sports and racing cars Lamborghini Cars. The Slovenian company will help the brand with knowledge in the field of lightweight materials.

With more than twenty years of experience in the use and processing of lightweight, durable and highly resistant materials such as titanium and super alloys, Akrapoviви is one of the leaders in this field. Through intensive research, design, testing and production protocols, the company has already developed and produced many solutions and products for various applications. Among other things, they made a tube arch for the interior of the car for the new Lamborghini Huracán STO. Based on close cooperation between the two companies, the tube arch was designed as an integral part of the vehicle.

Akrapovi Ав Author: Akrapovi.


Akrapovi Ав Author: Akrapovi.


The tubular arc behind the seats, to which the four-point seat belts are attached, is made of high-strength titanium alloys, making it 40% lighter than conventional stainless steel arches. Titanium also includes extra weight-saving screws, with an emphasis on elegance and functionality.

Production of Volkswagen ID.3

Warning for Slovenia as well


Warning for Slovenia as well: Adjustment to electric vehicles or collapse

The Lamborghini huracán STO has a 470 kW (640 hp) atmospheric decathlon that drives the rear pair of wheels. The car is built with an emphasis on excellent aerodynamic efficiency and extensive use of lightweight materials.

Acceleration to 100 km / h is three seconds, up to 200 km / h in nine seconds, and top speed is 310 km / h. According to the brand, this is the closest approach of the production model to the cars on the racetracks.

Akrapovi Ав Author: Akrapovi.


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