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After a year, again with Žiga Jeglič

The selector of the Slovenian hockey team, Ivo Jan, revealed the list of candidates for the start of the February preparatory tournament in Bled, with the participation of the Belarusians, the Italians and the Hungarians. After almost a year and penalties for doping in the Olympic Games, Žiga Jeglič returns to the selected row.

A lot longer than in November, this time the selector of the Slovenian member hockey selected Ivo Jan waited until he sent a list of invited players and reserves for the upcoming EIHC tournament, which will be hosted between 7 and 9 February in Bled.

Luka Vidmar


Port Vidmar returns to where he made the first hockey steps

If in the autumn, when the list was repeatedly changed before the choir, he tried mostly non-standard members and offered the opportunity to the younger ones, he will count on a stronger squad in this tournament, as he predicted. The standard membership framework has been joined by a few faces that he will count on in the future.

After almost a year, Žiga Jeglič is again on the national list.

After almost a year, Žiga Jeglič is again on the national list.
Photo: Vid Ponikvar

After almost a year, he returns to the national team Žiga Jeglič, who played with the rice for the last time in the February Olympics, but was forced to leave early because of a doping offense. His colleague from the attack is also on the list Rok Tičar in Robert Sabolich. There are no attackers Jana Muršaka, who also struck this year with an injury (muscle), but returned after recovery, but recently he is not playing for Bern because of private reasons that made him return to his homeland after the club's writing. He is expected to join the Swiss soon.

Important members of the Slovenian attack Jan Urbas and Miha Verlic join forces in the elite German league this year.

Important members of the Slovenian attack Jan Urbas and Miha Verlic join forces in the elite German league this year.
Photo: Sportida

EBEL Ante Kuralta is not in the list of the season this season, but another attacker of the league is Ken Ograjensek, who could not help Graz for the last month's injury. For the first time after the club merger into the elite German league, Jan Urbas and Miha Verlič will present themselves in the national football jersey. Jan also counts on players from Slovenian clubs in the attack: Tadej Cimzar, Luka Kalan, David Rodman (all HDD Jesenice), Gregor Koblar in Miho Zajca (both HK SŽ Olimpija), Luka Basic (Jesenice) and Aljaz Predan (Red Bull Salzburg II) and goalkeeper Zan Us (Olimpija) are among the reserves from the Alpine League.

Among the defenders, the opportunity will be given to last year's ironmongers who will play in France, Miha Logar and Aleksandar Magovac, as well as Maks Selan, who moved to Italy in the middle of the season from Italy. Along with the mentioned, there are four "Czechs" Blaž Gregorc, Matic Podlipnik, Sabahudin Kovačević and Miha Štebih and "Danec" Jurij Repe. Among the reserves are the experienced Žiga Pavlin and Mark Čepon, who defends the colors of Medveščak, for which Mitja Robar played this year, which is not on the list.

Gašper Krošelj, Matija Pintarič and Luka Gračnar will stand in the door.

Slovenians will open the tournament on Thursday against the Hungarians.

Slovenians will open the tournament on Thursday against the Hungarians.
Photo: HZS / Drago Cvetanovič

The last choir before preparing for the SP

This will be the last national team's championship before the April preparations for the World Championship I, Group A, which will be held in Kazakhstan at the end of April and early May.

Jan will meet most of the residents in Bled on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are scheduled joint trainings. On Thursday, Slovenians will first cross the bars with Hungarians, on Friday with the Italians, and on Saturday with the Belarusians.

List of Slovenian national teams for the EIHC tournament (Bled, February 7th-9th):

Goalkeepers: Luka Gračnar (Innsbruck, EBEL), Gašper Krošelj (Mlada Boleslav, Czech Extraliga), Matija Pintarič (Rouen, French Ligue Magnus);
Defenders: Blair Gregorc (Vitkovice Steel, Czech Extraliga), Sabahudin Kovacevic (Mlada Boleslav, Czech Extraliga), Miha Logar (Strasbourg, French Ligue Magnus), Alexander Magovac (Grenoble, French Ligue Magnus), Matic Podlipnik (Karlovy Vary, Czech Extraliga) Jurij Repe (Herning, Metalligaen), Max Selan (Chamonix, French Ligue Magnus), Miha Studebi (Dukla Jihlava, Czech league second WSM);
Forwards: Tadej Cimzar, Luka Kalan, David Rodman (all Siy Acroni Jesenice, Alpine League), Andrej Hebar (UTE, MOL league), Ziga Jeglic (Slovan Bratislava, KHL league), Gregor Koblar, Miha Zajc (ŠZ Olimpija, Alpska liga) Ken Ograjensek (Graz 99ers, EBEL), Ziga Pance (Jegesmedvek, MOL League), David Rodman Robert Sabolic (Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod, KHL), Nik Simsic (Medvescak, EBEL), Rok Ticario (Cologne, DEL), Jan Urbas, Miha Verlic (Fischtown, DEL)
Reserve: goalkeeper Rok Stojanovič (Lyon, French Ligue Magnus), Jean Us (HK SZ Olimpija, Alpine League); defender Mark Čepon (Medvescak, EBEL), Ziga Pavlin (Czech Budejovice, Czech league second WSM); attacker: Luka Basic (Sieg Acroni Jesenice, Alpine League), Aljaz Predan (Red Bull Salzburg II, Alpine League).

EIHC Tournament, February (February 7th-9th)

Thursday, February 7th
16.00 Italy – Belarus
19.30 Slovenia – Hungary

Friday, February 8th
16.00 Belarus – Hungary
19.30 Slovenia – Italy

Saturday, February 9th
16.00 Italy – Hungary
19.30 Slovenia – Belarus

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