Wednesday , January 20 2021

Adebayo has pledged years of loyalty to Miami


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After the finalist in the North American NBA basketball league, the Miami Heat, immediately after the opening of the market announced that they continued the cooperation with the captain Goran Dragic, they took care of another star. The 23-year-old center Bam Adebayo agreed to a five-year contract extension that will bring him 164 million euros in bonuses.

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In Miami they had time to offer a contract extensionBamu Adebayuuntil December 21, until one day before the start of the new season, but the management of Vroцаica was in a hurry. The base value of Adebay’s contract is $ 163 million (US $ 137 million), but if Adebayo completes the NBA first team in the 2021 season or is named MVP or Defensive Player, that amount could rise to US $ 195 million (164 million). million USD).

A similar deal was accepted by Brandon Ingram in New Orleans, but the Pelicans gave him 158 million USD (133 million USD) for a five-year extension.

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