Friday , January 22 2021

A flu vaccine has already been sent to a health center in Maribor

Interest in vaccinating against the flu virus has exceeded all expectations this year due to the epidemiological situation regarding the new coronavirus, as well as the fact that vaccination this time is free. Maribor Health Center ordered 8,600 doses of the vaccine, up 130 percent from the previous year, but they had to stop accepting applications. NIJZ says it expects the next shipment in mid-November.

Vaccination began at Maribor Central Health Center last week. From October 21 to 24, 2,350 people were vaccinated, of which 1,501 people were vaccinated in Saturday campaign only at the Tabor Medical Station.

As reported, they currently have 4,185 applications for vaccination of the hostage and Tabor health station. From November 7 to 21, 775 people will be vaccinated in the municipalities of Raжеe-Fram, Hoжеe-Slivnica and Starчеe, and on November 14 they will conduct a vaccination campaign for the citizens of the municipalities of Ruжеe, Lovrenc na Pohorju and Selnica ob Dravi, for which they are about 350 doses of vaccine reserved.

Because they have still ordered vaccinations in nursing homes and prisons, for which they have reserved 940 doses, they have already used up the entire amount of vaccine purchased, which is why they are not currently accepting new vaccination applications.

However, in order to vaccinate even more people, an additional 5,000 doses of the vaccine were ordered last week but are currently unavailable, Maribor Health Center said, adding that they will continue to accept applications once they receive the information. for a new shipment of vaccine.

The flu vaccine has already been sent to the health center in Maribor.PHOTO: Shaterstock

The National Institute of Public Health (NHI) announced a few days ago that part of the vaccine planned for vaccination in NHRI clinics will be given to other service providers who will be able to vaccinate against the flu more quickly. From a protection point of view, it is important that vaccination is given as soon as possible. Most clinics in the NPH have appointments by at least the end of November.

As they also explained, the supply of flu vaccine is provided by vaccine providers who send orders for the next season to NIJZ in April and May. Based on the orders of the vaccine providers and the assessment of the vaccination advisory group, the NPHI forms an order. “For the season this year, the NPHI ordered three times as many vaccines as it received orders from vaccine donors in May. So far we have received 250,000 doses of flu vaccine,“They said.

NIH: The next shipment will be in mid-November

And just yesterday, NIJZ confirmed that all these doses have already been distributed, and the next shipment, 20,000 doses, is expected in mid-November.

By accepting orders for this season, they stopped and also informed the vaccination providers about it. Vaccine suppliers were also informed that they would not receive the next shipment of vaccines until November and that their orders would not be fully realized even then.“All vaccine manufacturers who have a marketing authorization have informed us that an additional supply of vaccines is no longer possible this season. The demands are repeated regularly, but the chances of receiving additional doses are extremely small.“, They still acknowledge in the NPH.

They also announced that they would take the vaccine from other countries if any of them withdrew it. However, the NPHI has already received requests from other countries to withdraw the vaccine.

Influenza vaccines have already expired, the next shipment arrives in mid-November

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