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97 candidates in Tokyo signed first contracts

Thadej Pogacar, Jan Polanc and Matej Mohoric will be Slovenes in the Tokyo road race. Photo credit:

There are currently 97 Slovenian female athletes on the roster. The OCS, on a proposal from the national federations in industry, will confirm the national team next June, which will be presented to the public on July 10 in Maribor and the games will run from July 24 to August 9. AKS Vice President Tomaz Barada estimated that 60 to 80 Slovenian athletes will perform.

28 athletes have already signed a contract
Many athletes were absent this time, and the contracts were signed by karate racers Tiacha Risti and Lina Pushnik, mountain rider Tanja Hackey, riders Jan Polanche, Thadeye Pogaschar and Matej Mojoric, sailor Jeanan Luca DeCastro Valletra Gallecor, shooter Janesic, Tina Suthej, Martina Ratej, Christian Sheh, Marusa Chernul, Agata Zupin, Blaж Upupanicчи, Nace Plesko and Jeanan Rudolph, techno-singer Ivan Trajkovi,, Judaists Adrijan Le Леaj, Adrijan Le Леoji, Herman and šoht Zakraichek.

Contestant Ivan Trajkovic appeared at the 2012 London Olympics and did not receive a ticket to Rio 2016. He will try to settle accounts in Tokyo. Photo: Become a Sressen

Candidates for the 2020 Olympics also attended a workshop where the CEOs provided the necessary information on what was needed during the preparatory period and during the games themselves.

The legendary Olympian will head the national team
The leader of the Olympic team is Miroslav Gerar, with 30 grand competition awards, the most successful Slovenian athlete. "In 1991, we founded the EA and then worked hard to be a member of the International Olympic Committee as soon as possible. And we succeeded, so Slovenian athletes were already able to compete in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. At that time I was the leader of the first part of the Slovenian Olympic team, the second was led by Rajko Fugman, “Gerard looked back at the early years of Slovenian Olympics.

In the Olympics so far, 415 Slovenian athletes of Slovenia have won 24 medals under their own flag, three of which are rowing duo Iztok Hop and Luka Spik. Photo by BoBo

This time again the Slovenian house
Matic Avab, deputy secretary-general of finance and marketing at the OXS, said that after the Olympic Games in South Korea, they will prepare a Slovenian house this year in co-operation with the country, which will be Slovenia's second most important Slovenian project next year. The house in the city center will be near the metro station and a 20-minute drive from the Olympic Village. The AX will also organize a fan plane.

They raised $ 50,200 at the OX charity event
OXS, with the Athletes Foundation, supports the overall development of young athletes from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. That's why the Slovenian Olympic Committee has set up a Foundation to help young athletes of socially disadvantaged background. The foundation helps young people find a way out of trouble and also organizes a charity gala event every year. This year it was held in Portorosh and was linked by Sasa Jerkovic and Irena Jyama Schlebi.

The Slovenian Olympic Committee attends a charity event for the Athletes' Association of Social Skinny Athletes in Portoroрош. 50,200 euros, solemnly celebrated the 80th birthday of Olympian Miroslav Gerar, with 30 medals in major competitions of the most successful Slovenian athlete. This foundation is named after him.

The legendary Miro Gerard also sliced ​​the cake he received for his 80th birthday. Will be celebrated next Monday. Photo credit:

Bach also congratulated Gerard on the anniversary
When Ferrar, also president of the Foundation for the Athletes of Socially Disadvantaged People, announced the sum, the youth brought a birthday cake to the stage and "overtaken" it on October 28, when Ferrar officially entered her ninth decade of fertile life. Next year he will play a new role, and during the 1964 Tokyo Games, where he won gold and bronze in gymnastics in 1964, he will be the leader of the Slovenian Olympic team.

The video was addressed by International Olympic Committee President Tomas Bach. He was represented at the table by European Olympic Committee President Janez Kocijancic, represented by Kevin Grome, Moka's Vice President for Legal and Business Affairs, TV and Marketing.

"Dear friends in Slovenia, congratulations on your Olympic Day celebration. What's better than celebrating the anniversary of a legend that still inspires the true Olympic spirit and brings it to the young"Said Bach, among others.

"I rarely run away from words. Miro, thanks for everything. From now on, the Foundation for Athletes in Socially Disadvantaged Areas is called the Mira Ferrari Foundation, and tomorrow we will sign a cooperation agreement with the Leon Stokej Foundation. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us"Said OXC President Bogdan Gaborovec.

Charity event of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia
Congratulations to Mir Heraiah on his 80th birthday in Portoroz

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