Wednesday , October 27 2021

When the TV equals the camera


Panasonic is launching a new campaign this year for the OLED series and LED TVs. He has a name "At Home your Hollywood in 4K ULTRA HD" and the brand wants to reward its customers with a valuable gift in the form of 4K Snapdragon. Anyone who buys one of the selected Panasonic TVs will receive the LUMIX G digital camera. Then, he can shoot and film in 4K resolution and enjoy his own content in this exceptional quality on the new TV.

Joining the Hollywood brand, Panasonic has been communicating in its campaigns for a long time, as its TVs also use catalogs and colorings in the most-known film studios as reference screens. While the new TV owners could compete for a trip to Hollywood a year ago, the brand now offers the opportunity to experience Hollywood in the home for anyone who buys one of the selected Panasonic 4K TV sets by December 30, 2018. The buyer also automatically acquires the 4K LUMIX G immersion filter.

While designing the campaign, Panasonic again inspired Hollywood, but added a feature that pushes the customer from the role of a passive browser to the creator of creative content. "Panasonic televisions are among the best on the market, with Hollywood filmmakers working with them, and their image quality is satisfactory all over the world. Our Lumix cameras are used by renowned professional photographers and filmmakers, so it was natural to use the potential that no other manufacturer of consumer electronics ". says Martin Jedlička, marketing director of Panasonic Czech Republic and Slovakia, and continues: "We want to give our customers the opportunity to capture pleasant moments in the circle of their nearest high quality 4K Ultra HD, which will not miss any detail, and their video will be well beyond the average for several years. In addition, we believe that when creating your own content shared via social networks is literally a phenomenon, such a gift will certainly also be an inspiration for younger age groups."

campaign "Test your Hollywood on 4K Ultra HD at home" It will mainly be by onlin, but it will also be significant in stone shops.

Models included in the campaign:

OLED + LUMIX GX80 television

FZ950 (TX-65FZ950E, TX-55FZ950E)

FZ800 (TX-65FZ800E, TX-55FZ800E)


FX780 (TX-75FX780E, TX-65FX780E, TX-55FX780E)

FX740 (TX-65FX740E, TX-55FX740E)

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