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Was Iveta Bartosov's death pretending ?!

A few days later, the Czech Republic and Slovakia will mark the fifth anniversary of the death of favorite singer Iveta Bartoszowa. Although it has been relatively long since its inception in the second world, a nearby source of a poor star has recently shocked the public with extremely striking expressions.

The Czech magazine brought a surprising interview with the intimate friend of retired Iveta Bartosova, named Zdenek Makura, who on the basis of several indications finds that the life of the fragile blonde on the rails really did not disappear.

iveta bartosova

A man who, on the side of Iveta, as a close friend, spent some time, decided to share his personal with a tragic event with people. "When I heard the news about Iveta's death, I accepted him as a finished work. However, then I realized that until now we really do not know who the person is, who confirmed that the betrayed person is actually Iveta Bartoshova. I did not even meet Iveta alive. And when something goes through a person, that's something else, " Makura is thinking.

Iveta still lives and hides

The Brave Czech Republic further claims that it does not consider the former husband of Josef Rychtar a trusted man at all, and therefore believes that he can only paint the death of a beautiful Iveta. The couple had big problems with each other, which the favorite blonde wanted to escape from her husband.

"It is possible that Iveta lives somewhere and has peace. A victim of domestic violence may remain dead for people to get rid of the aggressor" describes possible scenarios.

bartosova rychtar

However, Zdeněk adds that the theory of rebuilding the death of Iveta Bartoszowa is not based solely on his personal conviction. It is reported that in the past few years several people claimed to have seen Ivetta in different parts of the Czech Republic.

"Of course, they could confuse her with someone, but some testimonies seemed very convincing." I have nothing to affirm, I do not claim to be so, but I do not accept internally that he will die " Makura closed a surprising testimony. But the opinion on these assumptions, for which the surviving loved ones of the Czech Republic are still concerned, must be created by everyone.

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