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VIDEO Juventus with Ronaldo on his knee: Ajax in the Champions League knocked out another favorite!

Cristiano Ronaldo and Frankie de Jong in the background
Cristiano Ronaldo and Frankie de Jong in the background

Turin – Ajax footballers surprisingly progressed in the semifinals of the Champions League 2018/2019. After last week's home match of 1: 1, they won 2-1 at the stadium in Juventus in Turin.

Juventus entered the lead thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo, but the guests responded with Donnie van de Beecca. Captain Matthias de Ligt scored in the second half. Ajax will perform in the semifinals of the LM for the first time since 1997.

Surprisingly, guests could head to Torino. After a combination of demonstrations, the ball refused for Van de Beek, but he shot him. Immediately from the other side, behind the great lime, Dybala fired, but the goalkeeper of Ajax Onan was pulled out. In the 28th minute, Cristian Ronald's head was short. The Portuguese top turned to the corner of Pianic and opened the result after the confusion in the defense of the guests. His intervention also removed VAR. Juventus did not enjoy long. Seven minutes later he stood behind the defense of domestic Van de Bick and removed his hesitation at the start of the match – 1: 1.

After the parties had changed, the guests could turn their eyes. In the 52nd minute Ziech entered the 16th wings, but Shchezni eliminated his attempt. Ajax was not afraid of the famous opponent and continued with his brave performance. The shot Van de Beac was taken out of the Shchezni, Tadic's transfer to Ziecha, a hundred per cent chance, at the last moment he covered Pjanic, but the guests finally got it. After 67 minutes, Schöne's corner kicked off Captain De Ligt, who made the progressive intervention of Amsterdam. Juventus, mild, could earn in ten minutes. Neres ran for defense but missed. Despite this, he did not learn, and saved from the third goal only through the offside position that ends in Zihu. The decision for hope showed the opaque situation in the strike for Juventus, but the Turpin's judge, after consulting with the VAR, did not hand over the defender's hand and buried the ambitions of the season for the overall win.

Final result of the Champions League in the quarterfinals Tuesday 2018/2019:

Juventus Torino (ITA) – Ajax Amsterdam (NLD) 1: 2 (1: 1) – first game 1: 1, Ajax Amsterdam forward in the semifinals

Goals: 28. C. Ronaldo – 34. D. Van de Bix, 67. De Ligt, JK: 69. Can 90. + Ronald (and Juventus), decided: Clement Turpin (father)

Juventus Torino: Shenzhe – De Skilio (64th Cancello), Bonucci, Rugani, A. Sandro – Kan, Pjanic, Mtuidi – Bernardesi (80th Bentankur), Dibala (46th Kian), Ts. Ronaldo
Ajax Amsterdam: Onana – Veltman, De Ligt, D. Blind, Mazraui (11. Sinclair, 82. Magalan) – Sean, F. De Jong-Ziech (88th Huntelar), D. Van de Bick, Ner – Tadic

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