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VIDEO: AHL: Thomas Yurko again made great efforts to win Charlotte Dates

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Charlotte Dallas took the lead 2: 1 in the final series of AHL abroad in the playoffs of the Calder Cup.


In the third round of the series, Charlotte won in Chicago Wolves 4-1 and Slovak striker Tomas Jurcho took part in both assists. Jurcho helped with the start of the second third of Jake Bin's 2: 0 goal, and then in 57th minute to Martin Ness, who sealed 4-1 for Dam.

Jurcho finished the match with three strokes per goal and one plus point. The 26-year-old Kosice striker has a great balance in the closing phase. He won 17 points (7 + 10) in 16 battles.

Another duel of the quarter-final final series is back on Thursday, June 6, at the Chicago ice rink. If Jurchio and Charlotte were successful in the final, he will become the first Slovak who will twice win the Calderos Cup.

Chicago Wolves – Charlotte Dallas 1: 4

goals: 55. Mattek (Vitecond + Twain) – 2. Gaoutier (Bin + McCow), 23. Bin (JURCO + Nekas), 32. Brown, 57. Nekas (Brown + JURKO)

/ state series: 1: 2/



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