Wednesday , June 23 2021

Two bodies found near Dunajska Streda!

The National Criminal Agency is looking for the Moon for a month near the village of Malé Dvorníky, which was shown by one of the defendants in the Meatroprocess of Šátorovcov. After searching for finds in dunghole monthly, the police also asked for help from firefighters.

Michał Ślivka, the Marshal of the Police Presidium, told TV JOJ that two bodies were found on the spot, but they did not want to talk about the case.
"The National Crime Prevention Unit carries out criminal proceedings in the village of Dvorníky, as a result of which the bodies of two dead who have not yet been identified have been found, and taking into account ongoing evidence, it is not possible to define the facts more accurately, because it could result in pending investigation will be more difficult or will be reduced " said Michał Ślivka.

According to TV TV, the remains of the bodies found in the Dunajska Streda district should belong to the murdered white horse.

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