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Trnava was worried about Zagreb. He fights for progress – UEFA Europa League – Football – Sport


FUTBAL: Trnava - Zagreb

Erik Jirka from FC Spartak Trnava and Amir Rrahmani from Dynamo Zagreb in football.

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Progress cards are distributed in the Europa League. Spartak Trnava has scored three points so far, and at the start of retaliation there are still real chances in group D for one of the first two places.

It would be helpful if they took at least one quarterback point in Zagreb
with dynamite. This, however, seems to be an extremely difficult task.

Their opponent is incredibly fast and leaves the 48 teams in which he plays
in twelve European League groups, he has been among the four so far
the most successful and the most faithful. He did not score a point, and the result was 8: 2. it seems
this one progressive place will belong to him, and he is already free
Only one.

Zagreb did not find in the home league after thirteen rounds of fans and
clearly leads the table. Since he was in Trnava, he won
in the highest Croatian competition both matches and even though he entered the playgrounds
his opponents did not score goals.

Trnavcan has so far dealt in European competitions
rivals – they won in Warsaw, Belgrade and Ljubljana. House
in the opening competition in the group they were sensationally consulted with Anderlecht Brussels
(1: 0). Two weeks ago they also harassed the great favorite from Zagreb
home lawn. They ran 1: 0 above, guests settled after an hour
game, and then added the winning goal. In the last nine competitions
Dynamo won only two goals and one of Spartak …

"When we were home at 1: 0, we could score another goal and maybe
decide about the game. Or even collect. The second option was paid. We have it
two goals after our mistakes. It is a pity that we have not achieved at least this match
draws, but with such mistakes we can not succeed
high-quality team such as Dynamo "- commented the first meeting
Trnava trainer Radoslav Látal. Zagrzebczycy are aware of theirs
sovereign status in the table. "We have nine points, the full number, we are
happy and satisfied, "says coach Nenad Bjelica.

None of the trainers wants to talk about opportunities yet, with each of them
they are still waiting for three matches, fighting for nine points. "The group is very
even each of the four teams can still be settled and transferred "
recalls Látal. "We do not lose much, but we still decided
it is not ", confirms Bjelica, who added this to the match with Trnava
expects and expects a good visit.

The hosts will have more opportunities to play at the Maksimir stadium
35-thousand viewers, but some parts should remain closed. However
Trnavans can expect a turbulent atmosphere. They practiced on Wednesday evening
in Zagreb, they tried the lawn where they will play on Thursday.

Injured Erik Grendel did not travel to the game. Of them,
which recently missed in the league match with Podbrezova, I have already healed
Boris Godal and Fabian Miesenböck. Both should be available to the trainer
already at the quarterly meeting, which starts at 21.00.

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