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This is a talented little boy! Gordian mother Viki Rakova complimented

A soon-to-be-known actress will also see a second child, and the new baby will be added to the family again.

4-year-old Bendeguz is very pleased with his brother and sister, and he lives with his mother. The latest actress also announced her beautiful painting for violin playing. Every mother knows the feeling of happiness and joy when her baby does very well and enjoys it.

Viki Rakova is one of our favorite actresses in our show business. She is a modest mother, who is especially devoted to her family. Some time ago, she announced a wonderful novelty – she wore longing for the second baby under her heart. She even found out that a boy would be added to Beyazug's brother.

Moments with the stomach are ONE!

Vicky enjoys a lot of her pregnancy, and she does not hesitate to share her feelings with her social friends. Recently she talked about her feelings as follows:

"We love him very much from the first moment, especially from December 28th, very much, every time he hears us, it is a great pleasure." For the first time he called me for a birthday, a wonderful gift, and since then (I feel) , writes a 38-year-old actress.

Vicky certainly does not belong to mothers who are pregnant, but very active. Take a look at more photos of the life of a proud mother, where you can see the moments of the stomach with full use of:

Lenka is already a double mother, the baby got a popular traditional name

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