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They studied conspiracy and racism and resulted in theatrical production of the year – Denik N.

"Do you want to know who is responsible for your failure? Looking for who's responsible for what's happening here? Come and definitely choose someone. "

These words were introduced by Preshev National Theater in December in its monodrama Moral Madness. It is an unusual performance in many respects, which clearly resonated in the evaluation of the past season. Five of the six nominations were awarded at the Board Awards. It's a production of the year, and has also won awards for best director, best acting, best music and outstanding achievement in the field of drama.

The authors draw on Umberto Eco's novel The Prague Cemetery, which explores conspiracy theories, anti-Semitic and racist ideas based on adverse economic and social conditions and their reflection in the media and politics. "As creators it offers us the opportunity to work with sophisticated interpretation of history, which reveals the principles of political and purposeful play and offers the opportunity for various interpretations and interpretations," they said.

Moral Madness's unequivocal victory is also confirmed by the talent of director Julia Rizzus, who received the same award last year for reuniting Joel Pomerate of Korea. This was the last time this situation happened in 2010, when director Roman Polk came in two years in a row.

While it has been true in recent years on Decks that the Slovak National Theater regularly falls into several categories, this year it received only one award – for costumes. Outstanding achievements in music and dance theater were created by a jury in Banska Bystrica.

This year viewers from all over Slovakia again took part in the voting and decided on the same winner in the Theater category of the season. Spisko Novi Vis theater "Contra" again received the most votes, receiving a 5,000 euro bonus from the event partner.

The 24th year of the auction marked the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, as the first strikes began in the theaters, leading to the collapse of the communist regime. A gala evening was held at the P. Municipal Theater building. Oh Cvieislav directed by Alena Lelkov. Moderators were Lucija Djurajovic and Lako Kerata. RTVS viewers could also see the broadcast of the event. This year, the city of Bratislava became a co-organizer.

The Board of Directors has been honored by the Contemporary Theater Association and has been awarded since 1996. The awards are awards for creative works in the field of professional theater in Slovakia in all genres.

Outstanding achievement in the field of drama
Peter Brayerk and Eulogy Production Texts Moral Madness, Preshev National Theater

A remarkable achievement in the field of dance theater
Zuna Vesan Kozankovic, Martina Hajdila Latova and Livia Menez Marin Balshovic for production choreography 3 3 20 Women, Theater Studio, Banska Bystrica.

Outstanding achievement in music theater
-I oo Guo for the character of Othello produced by Othello by ioacchino Rossini, State Opera Banska Bystrica

Special contribution to the theater
prof. Sosha Zimkovic

The best stage music of the season
Martin Jusovska for Production Music Moral Madness, National Theater of Presov

The best costume of the season
Katara Holkes for costumes in production of Bakcanski play, Drama of Slovak National Theater

The best stage design of the season
Mihal Lononsky for scenery in Production Director XXII, Andrew Bagar Theater in Nitra

Best male performance of the season
Peter Breyerk for his performance in Moral Madness, National Theater of Presov

The best female actor
Tatjana Polkovic for Maria Stewart's character produced by Marija Stujarovic, State Theater Kosice

The best director of the season
Folia Production Directs Moral Madness, National Theater of Presov

The best production of the season
Production by Petr Brajerik and Elias Razavi The Moral Madness Loosely Based on Umberto Eco's Novel directed by Julia Rizuzovic, Preshev National Theater

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