Saturday , June 19 2021

They do not sing one song for one life. The new ones learn to feed

The cultural revolution lasts for several years.

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Someone in the room starts barking a song and suddenly plays in your head and can not get rid of him all day. It turned out that the songs are not only obstructing the land, but also in the ocean.

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Songs can also be "infected" with worms. This is especially true for feeding and migrating.

Every couple of years men change their eating sticks and stones to be brand new.

Earlier, a male from East Australian Poplar Pop studied the new song from the Western Wavegroup. It's been a couple of years, and the song spreads among all the southwestern whippers.

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Changing the wrinkles of scholars to the scientists called it the Cultural Revolution and described it in a new study in the works of Royal Society B. For more than thirteen years, 95 boys and their cycles of the poem 412 are taught.

In the video, you can hear how the complexity of the songs increases proportionally as the song of a group develops. But after the cultural revolution, the Chinese songs were shorter and less vocal.

According to scientists, this suggests that the social learning of whales is limited. Within a certain period of time, they can learn only a certain number of new things.

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