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There was an escort of the Prague Imam to the Czech Republic, waiting for a decision on detention

Samer Shehadeh also spent a short time in Slovakia.

November 8, 2018 at 21:52 TASR

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Prague. Former Prague Imam Samer Shehadeh, who disappeared last year from the Czech Republic and accused of terrorist support, led Czechoslovakia from Thursday to Jordan and placed a temporary arrest.

It is possible to decide on the possible imposition of investigative links with an Islamic preacher on Friday.

On Thursday, they informed the local media, the day after the server Neovlivní.cz brought a report that special units of the Czech police searched the accused abroad.

A man from Palestine studied Islam in Saudi Arabia.

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The Prague Muslim community, after returning, chose him in honor of the village, and at the same time became the imam of the Prague mosque.

After the spores he left this position four years ago, and after parting with his community he also spent a short time in Slovakia to return to the Czech metropolis, which disappeared last year before the prosecution.

Secret services and police had an imam in the viewer earlier than the fear of possible radicalization.

Last year, he was accused of supporting terrorism. The brothers Omar, who fought in Syria in Al-Qaeda's allied terrorist networks, and the Czech wife Omar also chase the criminals.

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