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The works of a well-known Czech actress: Unfaithfulness, a son with another man, and then …

Anna Gessler was born on April 17, 1967 in an artistic family. As a 15-year-old woman she wanted to become a model in Milan, but after a few months she returned home. She began studying a conservatory, but she did not complete her. She does not have a high school diploma but is a renowned actress. She is known for the artistic name Anja and has several Czech lions.

The works of the famous Czech actress:

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Already at the age of 15, she made a requiem for a doll and established a relationship with director Philip Rennch at the age of 11. Then he also dated an older musician. However, she finally went to director Zdeněk Janáček, who is two years younger.

The couple has children with Bruno Fidelio and Stella Ginger. Anya also has a son, Max, whose father is probably someone else. The actress became pregnant when she had a proven love affair with the rich Martin Shenar. She first met him secretly, and after the passionate nights she ran to her children who stayed with their father. She later appeared with Shenar in the company.

Aňa Geislerová


Later, they probably fell apart. No one knows exactly when – even when they were considered former lovers – they sometimes appeared in society. And Anya refused to comment on her life with two men. "I personally do not feel the need to comment anything" said, for example, for Aha!

It seems, however, that the husband expects everything and forgives the non-brothers. Last year they were seen together with children as a happy family. They also visited the famous film festival, and all of them could ask questions only about whether the millionaire finally abandoned him.

Aňa Geislerová with her husband Zdeněk Janáček

The works of the famous Czech actress:

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