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The price of the first brand of an electric car is unbelievable

This year will be manufactured Škoda's first electric car, the small hatchback of the small Citroen. At the same time, the Czech automaker revealed the most important information about its news today. And that's the capacity of the battery, the range, the performance and the "incredible" price.

Skoda says her 2019 year will be marked with electromagnetism. And there is nothing to ask ourselves because it starts its "electrified era" in it. And now with two models, a plug-in hybrid Superb and fully electric Citigo-e.


Our careful readers probably noticed that so far we have presented the first electric car from the car manufacturer Mlada Boleslav under the name Škoda e-Citigo. It was the only name that was to be based on the associated Volkswagen Group e-up and SEAT e-Mii models.

The news source, Fdrive, is the name of Škoda Citigo, so we will keep it under way. Skoda Chief Executive Bernhard Mayer recently announced that Citigo, which is based on a conventional city hatchback, will be produced in the Volkswagen Group in Bratislava.

This is not so surprising, as it also produces only the first worried electric car built on a common platform, the Volkswagen E-up. This year, the SEAT e-Mii, the "triple", which will be the first electric car of the Spanish brand, is also in production.

Significantly better parameters

All of these vehicles will receive a refined electric drive that will offer significantly better parameters than the original VW e-up. Skoda actually confirmed unofficial news about the capacity of the batteries and ran on the day of pure mobility in Mlada Boleslav.

The first Czech electric brand will have a 37.7 kWh battery that will provide a range of 270 km (WLTP). The long-standing generation of VW e-up, which is no longer on the Slovak market, was equipped with a battery of 18.7 kWh. Its range, according to the obsolete "optimistic" NEDC cycle, was 160 km.

Skoda Citigo will also support fast charging, which will bring it up to 80% in 40 minutes. Improvements to the group's energy unit will also affect the power of the electric motor, which will increase from 60 to 75 kW. In doing so, we hope to see a "refreshing" design. And let's go to the data that surprised us most, and the price.

The price will satisfy you

The Škoda Citigo prize is expected to start at around 420,000 CZK with VAT, which is just over 16,000 euros. The first generation VW e-up with significantly lower parameters costs about 25,000 euros. At the end of his "career," VW offered a sales price of about 20,000 euros.

When we deduct from this price, the estimated subsidy of 5,000 or. about € 4,000, we will have an unrivaled price that could generate great interest to the client. We will hope that these are final values ​​that will not be affected by major changes.

Skoda Citigo will begin production at the very end of this year, with its first customers looking forward to it in January 2020.

Source of the cover image: Skoda

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