Thursday , April 22 2021

The pregnant singer announced a really strange PHOTO: THIS IS NOT SHOWING MORE!

Do not bust and retouch! Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but many women have the right to tell us that they bring with them various difficulties. British singer Stacy Solomon could also talk about it. Because the black man published a picture of her stomach at her instagram where dark hair appeared during her pregnancy.

Fan reactions were different. Men were most surprised by the fact that they published such a photo on the Internet. "So this was a lot of courage. I do not know if any other pregnant celebrity will appear in the world" one of the comments. And indeed, the look of the navel's hairy woman is quite weird.

But for many pregnant women and mothers today, no. Several Stacey entrusted them with the same problem. "The hormones are to blame. In time, the same will disappear" fans were excited about the singer who proves to be just dead.

Stacey Solomon released an image of her hairy pregnant stomach on the instagram.

Stacey Solomon

Source: Instagram

Have you been surprised that Stacy posted such a picture on an installation?

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