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The number of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is increasing

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease – the immune system fights the body.

About 8,000 patients with multiple sclerosis live in Slovakia. "Their number is growing, which may be due to early diagnosis, and especially to the life extension of patients," said Jarmila Fajnorová, president of the Slovak Scleroris Multiplex Association (SZSM), for TASR.

Multiple sclerosis

The disease attacks the central nervous system, the brain and the spinal cord. It belongs to autoimmune diseases, i.e. those in which the immune system fights with the body. In particular, it attacks nerve fibers and damages them.

When someone is embarrassing, it is often said to have sclerosis. Neurologist Branislav Brezhny explains, however, that there is no multiple sclerosis, as in the case of multiple sclerosis. If the disease concerns the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for the mental function, the clinical manifestation of a person with sclerosis is evident. "Multiplex sclerosis is also referred to as multiple sclerosis, because disease deposits are numerous and scattered throughout the brain," Brezhny TASR explains.

It may take several years from the first symptoms to develop a clinical condition. Often the first symptom is tiredness, weakness and tingling of the limbs. "The patient usually does not pay attention and does not see the doctor, because he does not consider this condition to be worrying," says the neurologist, adding that patients have visual disturbances, urinary problems, balance disorders and walking traps.

The cause of the disease is unknown

"A multiplex of multiple sclerosis has different and often ephemeral expressions, which is why the diagnosis may not be easy and may confuse the head with an experienced neurologist," said Brezhny, but the most serious problem is limiting momentum and fatigue. "Patients simply do not move in, do not go inside. Even during a small exercise, they suddenly weaken and have to relax ", said Fajnor. In the case of more serious movement disorders, patients use walking sticks, French bars, walkers and wheelchairs. Hitting a soft hand wheel makes it more difficult.

Experts do not know the exact cause of the disease yet. An infectious agent may be viral infections. "There are more than one hundred viruses diagnosed after the infection," says Brezhny. Experts predict that it can affect the environment and elevated standards of population hygiene, stress, eating habits or allergies. Vitamin D deficiency and smoking, especially among young women "- adds Brežný.

Occurrence is more common in women

"A multiplex of multiple sclerosis does not occur from tribe to tribe, although in families where the disease has already occurred, it occurs more often than in the rest of the population," says a neurologist who appears in teenagers and in their twenties about three times longer in women. According to the ISMS, multiple sclerosis is the most common neurological disorder leading to disability.

As the main advancement in the treatment and diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, the neurologist is considering discovering new imaging methods and introducing them to medical practice. "Magnetic resonance imaging is currently the only imaging method that can confirm damage to nerve fiber packaging. We also map the effectiveness of treatment," says Brezhny.

Progress in research has led to the emergence of a new biological treatment that can sustain multiplex multiple sclerosis. "In the past, the patient was briefly diagnosed with skeletal disability, and women were not advised to have children, but today the patient has a full life, is able to look after the family, and disability has changed for more than 15 years", say the SZSM officials.

Diet is the most important thing

Treatment with modern medicines is financially demanding, but is fully covered by health insurance companies in Slovakia. About 2,000 patients are treated in this country, and in 2016, insurance companies spent over 44 million euros. "But the patient pays for vitamin supplements and soothing measures, such as muscle relaxants or pain," the relationship said.

"In MS treatment centers, we would like to see an outpatient neurologist also come to the night clinic, where the relapse, that is, her sudden increase and clinical deterioration, can be treated immediately. rehabilitation, psychologist, sociologist or lawyer, we would like comprehensive care in one place that works in some countries of Western Europe, "said Fajnor.

Stretching with other patients is part of psychotherapy

From the Office of Labor, Social Affairs and Family, the patient may receive contributions for various compensatory aids, renovation of an apartment with no barriers or the purchase of a car needed for individual transport, depending on the degree of his disability. The Social Insurance Institution may apply for an invalidity pension.

The SZSM comprises 25 clubs in Slovakia. They organize mainly educational activities and workshops of various physical activities with practical demonstrations for their members and other people. Also reconditioning stays. "The meeting of patients with multiple sclerosis is part of psychotherapy" – added Fajnor. An integral part of the annual activity of the SZSM was abil-vision, a competitive examination of skills and abilities of disabled people as part of the annual activities of the SZSM. more.

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