Sunday , July 25 2021

The most successful creators in the App Store received a physical award!

The best application in the App Store – awards

As every year, Apple focused on the best apps in its online app store and announced the winners of each category. As this is a relatively large event, it was delivered to their address aluminum version of the App Store icon in elegant blue.

Gathered together up to 15 developers and award-winning companies. Their applications were most popular in 2020 and deserves attention.

According to foreign media, the trophy is made of 100% recyclable aluminum and has a huge impression. Located on the front logo App Store and on the back are engraved information about a specific application.

Investor Andres Canela states that the price itself is similar in height, width and thickness as the computer Mac mini. The icon has a glossy mirror surface, while the rest is worn in matte blue (except for the edges). The engraved text on the back surrounds a simple and elegant pattern, symbolizing victory.

Among the award-winning applications is, for example Zoom in (iPad version) or Fantastic (Mac version). As for Apple TV, he won here Disney +.

You can see the complete list by clicking on this link. Which application resonated most with your device during 2020? Write us a comment.

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