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The Laptans caught the leader of Zvolen: Our boys returned from Nikola without a point

Hockey players of Liptovski Mikulas surprised when they won over the leader of the match from Zvolen.

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Rastislav Bugel

Liptovský Mikuláš presented himself against the leader of the match because of
a cultural event in Spišská Nová Ves, this time in Zilina and in the first
parts mostly played on his half. It was also a mistake of four
the exceptions made by Lips, but the hosts to which they joined
in the last competition, failed to beat Holly. skip.
which was given the advantage of the gate host, did not catch much, but the Lipsans
showed a few good actions missing a better finish.

Good haste at a fast pace continued in the second game, but
half viewer waits for the first goal. Reproduced force for change
in this third home, only a few strokes. 29 minutes into the match,
the chance to get between the circles was Lushnjak, but he shot a goal on Holly
On the other hand, Kriškova was enrolled in the game for 34 minutes
the player's body before the Drop to return from the ball. In 37 minutes
home defended himself in a situation when Holly fell from flat
with a goal for hockey and a minute later they enjoyed the goal when Richard Hun
found the twin of Roberto, and the close one opened the score.

The chosen ones have tried since the beginning of the last third of the settlement, but its
activity prevented the expulsion of Lushnjak. The home crowd was not pleased with that one. 46 minutes into the match, the visitors'
but managed to beat the great Holly, who has shot Zuzin so far
he began, but Kitratur reached for his back. However, the home audience is included
they did not give up three points, they reached the power and finally managed to use it,
when the hunters replaced the hunters with the target, and Richard moved from the left
Scapes. The home team was awarded a penalty 56 minutes into the match,
which the Leipzians caused many ice players, but at home
defend. Two minutes before the end, the guests began to play without the goalkeeper, no
they did not make a serious shot, so after six games without losing
they beat Liptovski Mikulas 1: 2.

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Anton Tomko, coach of Liptovski Mikulas: "Nobody
does not expect to defeat the Called. We were organized and the basis for success
put in the first third, when we survived the four presidential games of Zvolencans. theirs
the numerous benefits were rude, without an idea that helped us. We went
management, and then we gathered, but after a beautiful action we again achieved
Beat. The victory is for us not to encourage further work and reference
we do not have to look at the problems we have, but focus only on it
the work we are paying for. "

Andrey Podkonkichki, Trainer Choice: "We started well, pressure
we were forced to force ourselves, but we could not use them. Mikulášania
they fought, played the sacrifice, we were a little aggressive, we were a little pushed
and we did not shoot often, and it was decided. In the third third we have
equal to 1: 1, but we made an unnecessary foul attack in weakness
and the opponent has already won the lead. "

MHK 32 Liptovski Mikulas – HCM Zvolen 2: 1 (0: 0, 1: 0, 1: 1)

  • goals: 38. Rob. Hun (Rich Hun, Krishka), 51. Rich.
    Huna (Rob Huna, Suchý) – 46. Kytnár (Zuzin, Michal Chovan)
  • judges: He suffered, Soos – Pálkövi (both of them)
    Gajan Str.
  • penalties: 5: 5
  • Power Play 1: 0
  • weakness: 0: 0
  • 61 viewers
  • Liptovský Mikuláš: Holly – Kurali, Suva,
    Nádašdi, Mezovský, Košecký, Nemec, Fereta, M. Bača – Kráska, Rób.
    Hun, Rich. Huna – Uram, Tamasi, Izberil – Haykila, Friday,
    Lisichak – Jacques, Urik, Oshko
  • selected: Scapassi – Vandan, Puffahl, Pink, Green,
    Dergon, Ulrich, Poichonen – Vandas, Spirko, Khandovski – Sisovski,
    Lušňák, Obdržálek – P. Zuzin, Kytnár, Michal Chovan-Marcinek,
    Holovich, Peter

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Source: TASR

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