Thursday , December 5 2019
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The Italian state is open to change

The industrial activity index in Japan dropped by 0.9% on a monthly basis, the sharp decline is not expected. stock indexes ended as follows: Nikkei 0.35%, Hang Seng Index + 0.51%, CSI 300 + 0.25%.

Industrial production in Spain registered an average drop of 0.5%. The trade balance deficit amounted to 3.3 billion euros. Ben He and Portugal's balance of payments posted a surplus of 166.5 billion euros in the second quarter. Ldrami vEurpe were the telecommunications sector in the sector. The euro has tightened slightly behind Italy's talented government, which is likely to have increased disagreement, as the EU has taken the first step towards defeating this country. European stock indices closed as follows: Eurostoxx 50 + 1.21%, CAC 40 + 1.47%, DAX + 1.03%.

The annual rate for the 30th month of the mortgage VUSA recorded a slight drop in the rate of 5.16%. The purchases of durable goods voktbri show a monthly drop of 4.4%, a drop of only 1.2%. New demands for the opposition ended in 224 people, a slight increase compared to a stagnation of 214 seats. The influx of universities at the University of Michigan ended at 2.8% at the same level as the federal reserve system. The sales of homes recorded waxing magician grow by 1.4%. It is certain that oil has grown by about 4,851 million barrels, and therefore growth has increased. The price of the bag's oil has increased due to the fact that the fall is falling. The EOM reported that the Fed is concerned that it will be abandoned by repeated monetary policy. According to the EOM, the Fed could interrupt. to stop the cycle of raising rates in the spring. One vote of FED presidential election, Powell, could put an end to the cycle of increasing rates. This will result in a slowdown in demand for exports, a weakening of fictitious stimuli in the US or a delayed impact on the Fed's past increase in rates. Fed Ouk is a Fed with only a three-year increase in the rate of 25 pp, then the metal rate will reach the dog 2,75% – 3%. US stock indexes ended as follows: DJIA + 0.00%, S & P500 + 0.30%, NASDAQ + 0.92%.

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