Wednesday , August 4 2021

The film giant made an unprecedented decision. Expected movie hits on the Internet

If cinemas have suffered so far but still hoped to return to normal after the pandemic fell, now they have received another major blow.

Warner Bros., one of Hollywood’s largest studios, has announced a decision that could change the film industry once and for all.

In 2021, he will present all of his most anticipated blockbusters in the first month on both HBO Max Internet Video Service and theaters. HBO Max subscribers will not have to pay an extra dollar.

So far, Warner Bros. has announced this experiment only for the American market, but if it proves successful, it can be assumed that the Hollywood giant will continue this trend.

Among the films that will reach the audience in this way are such titles as a sequel to the cult trilogy The Matrix 4, The Suicide Squad, Godzilla Vs. Kong or the free sequel to the cult Sopranos series – The Many Saints of Newark.

However, this calculation is far from complete. “Little Things” will also star in “HBO Max,” starring Denzel Washington, then Summer and Rami Malek. The same fate will be revealed by the remake of the legendary sci-fi Dina, directed by the genius Denis Villeneuve.

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