Sunday , June 13 2021

The end of the fairy tale. Paris Hilton is again free!

In recent years it has been shown that scandalous Paris Hilton has finally found happiness. The famous Blonde became immersed with Chris Zylkom in early 2018. Today, this romantic story seems to be over.

Life full of luxury brands, one party after another and rest all year long. This will characterize the life of Paris Hilton, who for many years received only from her famous name. Despite the fact that the hotel's heir's empire media is often called terrible, Paris, thanks to its skill, earns millions annually.

Lovestory Fairy

Paris Hilton has replaced many men for her life. Most of her relationships lasted only briefly and nobody gave them much weight. In the case of romance with actor Chris Wilcox, however, everyone is expecting a marriage. The couple began to meet two years ago.

During his New Year holiday in Aspen, Chris, his sweetener asked for a hand. Paris at that time spoke of herself as the happiest woman in the world, praising her and finding her love for her life. This is more surprising for the defect. Paris and Chris have not commented so far, but the blonde has already cleared almost all of her photos from her Instagram.

Several sources in the neighborhood of the famous couple confirmed that it was several days after they were saying goodbye. Paris wants to pay more attention to her music and promote her perfume, while Chris wants to return to the camera and dedicate himself to art.

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