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The Canadians found the largest crude diamond in Africa in recent years

The diamond is bigger than a tennis ball.

April 26, 2019 at 10:24 CTC

Toronto. Canadian mining company Lucara Diamond Corp. she found the largest raw diamond in recent history in her bottle of Botswana, which is larger than a tennis ball.

So she beat her record diamond from November 2015, which she could not sell for almost two years, Reuters said.

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The diamond has 1758 carats and weighs almost 352 grams. It is the second largest registered diamond found behind the Kalin Stone, which was found in 1905 in South Africa and had 3106 carats.

Kulinedan is cut in several polished precious stones, the two largest jeweled British crown jewelry.

The diamond comes from Karow mine in Botswana, one of the richest diamond areas.

Lukara managed to take out 12 diamonds weighing more than 300 carats. In November 2015, Lucara discovered a diamond of 1109 carats that she called Leslie La Rhône.

The stone was offered for sale at auction in June 2016. However, no one offered the required price and the stone was not sold.

Finally, the diamond was bought by British businessman Graf Diemonds in September 2017 for $ 53 million. According to Forbes magazine, Graf cut 67 stone from stone.

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