Sunday , October 17 2021

The Californian narrows the third biggest fire in history: 25 people took their lives

Your home has been forced to leave over 250,000 people. Among them were several stars of American Scouts.

The number of victims of rapidly spreading forest fires, which are already several
days of abandoned California, climbed to 25. Twenty-three people lost their lives
in the north of California, two bodies found in the south of this state of the USA,
the AP agency said, referring to the relevant authorities.

The number of victims has increased

There were at least 11 victims reported earlier, nine of them in the north
California. The sheriff from the Butte district in Korea Hone said that the bodies of others
14 people appeared on Saturday, three days after the fire in the area.
Victims found in burnt vehicles and homes. Honea also said that
There are still 110 people missing.

Honea added that 23 people died in the paradise area, around
290 kilometers northeast of San Francisco.

One of the biggest fires

The State of California fights the fourth with the third-largest fire in
AP sees its history. In the very city of Paradise, from which
tens of thousands of people were evacuated, the flame destroyed thousands of buildings. Fire so far
he burned an area of ​​425 square kilometers.

Your home has been forced to leave over 250,000 people. They were among them
and a few stars of American Broadway, such as Lady Gaga,
actor Martin Sheen and Kim Kardashian who evacuated the house
in the city of Calabasas or actress Alyssa Milanová. Director, screenwriter a
producer Scott Derrickson announced that his house had fallen, but he himself is
"Alive and healthy."

US President Donald Trump announced on Friday in California
state of emergency.

Source: TASR

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