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That wrong fuel was refueled with gasoline instead of diesel, "brilliant" deal

Vacuum cleaner gasoline

The town of Ashbourne near Frankfurt was the scene of a proper drama – burning at a gas station.

A 55-year-old woman with a full tank of gas in her rented husband VW Passat Variant TDI. This is happening and it is nothing special. Many people make fun of such an unfortunate one, but a confusing fuel-filling gun can happen at a gas station. You just have to replace more cars and refuel for a while with thoughts elsewhere, or the cars just don't understand and happen to be different from the usual car.

If you refuel in a diesel car and fail to do so, you will destroy the vehicle. However, the lady understood it in time and decided not to start the car. That was the right decision. The following, however, deserves at least a Darwin Award nomination for stupid achievements.

Her next solution was so stupid that it destroyed not just the engine, but the entire car. If only that! What happened? At first glance she had a brilliant idea of ​​how to fix her mistake quickly and elegantly. She saw a vacuum cleaner at the gas station and thought she would suck gas from the tank.

She was not alone in this, but more than one was involved in the case. They drove the car to a nearby vacuum cleaner for the interior. No one thought that what was to be done was absolute nonsense? The tip of the vacuum cleaner was not enough to pull the bad fuel out of the tank. So they decided to put a thinner garden hose in the tank and, in a miraculous way, connected it to the vacuum hose. After turning it on, he really started pumping gas from the tank. But after a few seconds, when the flammable fuel went into a hot vacuum, the entire pumping system came on. The fire spread very quickly in the car tank, followed by a hell of a fire. The Pasat variant burned completely for charcoal. Fortunately, despite the enormous glare of a 20-year-old passerby, the gas station did not explode.

Fortunately, firefighters came quickly, and although the fire at the gas station is a real stress for the experienced, the fire was extinguished and nothing worse happened. At first glance, the banal blunder that had to be resolved by draining the tank in service turned into a real disaster – the total damage to the car and gas station is estimated by police at € 30,000. This is the price of a used VW Passat Variant 2.0 TDI, vacuum cleaner and burned around a gas station.

There are also vacuum cleaners that are intended for dry, as well as so-called vacuum cleaners. wet vacuuming. They can collect not only ordinary dirt but also dirt or water. Yes, water, because the engine is adapted to it. Certainly not for emptying gasoline !! Conventional industrial vacuum pumps at pump stations are intended for dry vacuuming only. The decision of the lotion, therefore, had a certain knowledge base, but an absolutely unrealistic assessment of the possible development of the next situation. As it turned out, it was one of the stupidest things she could do, causing a disaster that could have far-reaching consequences – if loads or fuel tanks were caught by a burning car …

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