Sunday , April 11 2021

Scientists have studied the effects of alcohol in combination with energy drinks. The conclusion of the investigation is surprising

The fact that the combination of alcohol and energy drinks is not healthy also highlights the manufacturers of these drinks on the canvas of the cans. Despite this warning, only a handful of people keep these guidelines. Ultimately, this combination of drinks is not only delicious, but it can properly activate the body and provide the necessary energy.

As the Businessinsider says, researchers have been discoveredthat combination of vodka and energy drinks it may have the same effect on our brain as cocaine. So far, testing has been done only on mice. Professor Richard Van Rynne of the University of Indiana found that mice were given a mixture of alcohol and caffeine exposed similar neurological and physical behaviors to those who receive cocaine, says This area has not yet been fully explored, especially since tests have been carried out so far only in mice.

Alcohol in combination with energy drinks can cause euphoric conditions

However, it is believed that vodka, in combination with an energy drink, can have the same stimulating effect as cocaine. Like alcohol, cocaine needs to act euphorically and to reduce the barriers and as an energy drink, cocaine should increase alertness and attention.

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