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Political Scientists on Root Therma: Liquidation Threatened, Bulgaria May Be Political Icon

It seems likely that the minutes of the communications, which are gradually coming to the surface, will be closed down by some politicians, as well as Marian Kouner. Many political scientists think so. "Communication by Marian K. with Alena Zs. I find it a boon to adolescent adolescence in front of a woman with lighter manners. Of course, she overdoes it and says she wants his money. " political scientist Topki Radoslav Stefanik told.

Organized crime and government power

Stefanik said that no matter what is true or not, with which the defendant met and wrote, all communication was pushing one fundamental idea first. "Even if the administration of Danko and Bulgaria finishes, Marian K. and even businessmen in Nitra will end up in jail," Stefanik said this was the essence of Conner's mind, but also a demonstration of how justice and the rule of law did not work. "It's actually a confirmation that organized crime and government power have been coexisting side by side for years, even covering one another's back, for years."

Robert Fico, White Bulgaria

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Bulgaria could be an icon of Slovak politics

No politician wants his name associated with Connor. So Stefanik is not surprised that Bulgaria is trying to deny it. "Although he seems to only deny the nose between his eyes. On the other hand, the meeting could have been really disturbing for Bulgaria, though it had to be clear that the meeting with Marian K. at the end of the world it cannot be accidental, ” Stefankik thinks he certainly does not care, though he is probably close to political retirement.

Political Scientists on Root Therma:

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Bulgaria was in government when Slovakia dug the black hole and joined the EU and NATO. "We also thank him for Slovakia being among the civilized states. It was he who helped to remove the national tensions that linked the Hungarians and the Slovaks to one side. If he retired years ago, today we remember him as an icon of Slovak politics. However, following this scandal, he will be just one of many politicians suspected of meeting organized crime actors, "he said. adds Stefanik in Bulgaria.

Chico won't be angled

Former prime minister and party chief Sumer also came up with the nickname. According to Stefankik, he is an extremely proficient rhetoric who will not be taken to the corner. "When someone attacks him, he will not hide under the table, but will bark with much greater intensity. This is also the case with his press conference. He is also clear that some of his constituents will take on such nonsense as Soros's influence. One touches his forehead, while others swallow his wing. " Meanwhile, Fico also said communications were only a cover for the Truban affair with drugs.

Robert Chico

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Depression of right-wing voters

According to Stefank, Truban is not interested in voters. "Truban's drug experience and subsequent fraud is a cause for right-wing voter depression, but for other segments, Truban's scandal is a marginal issue. But arguing with Truban is a good reason to spread various conspiracy theories. "

Political Scientists on Root Therma:

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As for Danko, only his constituents take him seriously. "Others just laugh at him or catch him. So whether it's true or not, it doesn't really matter. In addition, his plagiarism is, in my opinion, a bigger problem than showing someone a "masthead" through the camera. " Early elections are no longer significant, as elections remain half a year.

Preferences will not compromise

However, party preferences will not jeopardize it, Stefanik believes. "We know for a long time that government power and organized crime were coexistence long ago and that Connor or Bahternik are related to more politicians. Kouner's communication reveals nothing new about the functioning of Slovak politics, it only opens the door to the mental world of the defendants. " he said.

When asked why directing preferences do not fall faster despite various scandals, Stefank said it was important to do one important thing. "Apart from the rigid core of the electorate, with its own mental world, Smer has thousands of different civil servants throughout Slovakia who are in office just because the direction has put them there. Leaving government guidance would be a vital threat to them, they could lose their jobs, their families' livelihoods, so they will vote for it, no matter what we learn about Cooner and his "apes" in politics ”, he added.

I wouldn't be surprised if Koerner was physically destroyed

Political scientist and rector of the International School for Liberal Studies in Bratislava, Samuel Abraham, is worried about Marian Conner's life. "I wouldn't be surprised if something happens to him," he said. "Many politicians would be happy if Marian K. can no longer testify, " says Abraham, citing an alleged slow investigation into the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancé. "Everything should be focused exclusively on Marian K. and the other context should be questioned," says the political scientist.

In the picture Marianne K.

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"The reactions of all the politicians mentioned in Marian K.'s exposed communication. with Alena Zs. they will have the same scenario as today's opinion of White Bulgaria, " foretells Abraham and explains: "Everyone will distance themselves from Marian K." and will throw all the dirt on him. I'm really worried about his physical health. Being alive is not pleasant for many people, " said Professor Abraham.

We stand at the heaviest intersection

"The political set that brought Slovakia into this desperate state is still in power and Kooner is still silent because he still believes he will save his skin. When the court sentences him, he will find that he has nothing to lose and starts talking and that it will be very dangerous for many politicians. " predicts Abraham. "We stand at the heaviest intersection in modern history," says the political scientist. If honest policemen, investigators, judges do not cover their backs, justice will not prevail and crimes will "melt away" again. Koehner has set an example in the case, and some would like to take no further responsibility and sail into a new (post-election) political situation, Abraham concludes.

With the planned political party, Koehner wanted to increase his influence

Political analyst Ioann Barinek thinks he would not make any other conclusions. Kosher met with Chico and settled his planned new political party with then-Interior Minister Robert Kalinak. "The responsibility is hard to pull off. Nothing is easier to call a liar Marian K. because he is suspected of ordering murder. However, it does not mean that when one is suspected or guilty, everything he says is a lie. The defense is the easiest when accused of being a generally notorious liar. I don't see early parliamentary elections in a real sense. " said Lamb.

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