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PC Revue | Elon Musk and SpaceX are building a mega-rocket that will send up to 100 people to Mars at the same time. It should look like this

Elona Muska SpaceX Space Society is now working on something really big. The Great Falcon Rocket (BFR) is an unprecedented system designed for missiles carrying up to 100 people and 150 tons of food and other supplies of Mars. The ultimate goal is to colonize the Red Planet and create a reserve habitat for mankind.

The music presented the final design of the BFR in September. It will consist of two parts – a one-time rocket module at the bottom and one-time use of a spaceship. The first flight is planned for 2023. Then, the Japanese billionaire and a group of artists will have to carry the moon.

The illustration shows the approximate length and shape of each part of the BFR system.

The dimensions and assumed capacity of the BFR are impressive – so many people in the aviation industry ask how it can be done. They also question whether such a colossus can be built by a private company with a budget of about $ 2 billion to $ 10 billion. This amount is actually a bit small compared to what NASA will pay for its new space-removal system.

To better understand what they are trying to achieve, Mashk and his thousands of SpaceX employees, he created a website Business insider interactive graphics for comparing sizes. There are several known missile facilities next to the BFR view. By clicking the Next and Back buttons, you can see 20 comparisons to get an idea of ​​the new paddle.

Although the "Big Falcon" rocket can be the biggest of Elon Musca's brave projects, the billionaire knows that something big can not be built without trying anything less. Therefore, he wants to try BFR technology with one of the most famous ships: Falcon 9. The Mini-BFR version will allow to assess the viability of the right BFR.

The modification should be interrupted in Musketeer tweeting in June 2019. He did not say exactly what to do with Falcon 9 to be more like BFR. SpaceX assumes that BFR will replace all missiles in its arsenal, including Falcon 9. Its rebuilding of miniature BFR and flying over orbit can be a good test.

The tests should focus on how the super-light mini-BFR thermal shield will carry the load during the project and flight, which can be difficult to verify without entering the orbit of the Earth.


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