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ONLINE: Danko remains chairman of parliament

His rigorous work, Andrej Danko, copied him from five publications. "The disrespect of foreign texts is unacceptable," the opposition says, and Danka is trying to step down.

Dunkova advocating rigorous work in the NR SR we follow ONLINE:

17.25 – 61 MP voted to dismiss Andrey Danko as deputy chairman of the National Council, against 26 lawmakers. Danko remains at the helm of parliament.

17:16 – The secret ballot is over. Creditors now count votes.

17:06 – Deputies decide to keep Andrei Danko at the helm of parliament at the moment. As Aktuality.sk previously informed, most of the MPs of Most-SD will not vote, and almost all SDR deputies will be saved.

16:34 – President Bela Bular interrupted the session until 5 pm when the vote should be held.

The opposition is dissatisfied. He claims that Bulgaria violates the Rules of Procedure when it did not vote on their amendments to the motion for a resolution. "Read the Rules of Procedure. You can say what you want," said Bugar.

16:32 – MP SAS reminds again that there was no coalition deputy behind Danko during the debate.

"He is where Robert Kalinak is already toxic today, and it's absolute political isolation, absolute political retirement, and it does not matter whether it will end today or months," said Durish Nicholson.

16:25 – President Bela Bular must mock the MPs who upset Daris Nicholson in his speech.

16:23 – "Plagiarism has always been banned from plagiarism. All experts who have long worked to look at the final work of the students, say," the opposition MP said.

16:19 – The debate on Andrej Danko's appeal is almost over. Kalinak is not again in the meeting room and will not be so definite on this topic. The final proposal is proposed by Lucia Ďuriš Nicholson.

16:06 – MEP Robert Kalinak did not attend the Chamber and therefore his order for the performance was reduced. The following is a member of OĽaNO Ján Budaj.

"This debate will remain in the history of the state, and the national council has always been the heart of statehood, when we say that we have a crisis of confidence in the country, it is a crisis of confidence and a national council." Mr Danko is also guilty of this " , said Budai.

15:52 – "He was stuck and used," said Sasa Janka Ciganikova. She also decided to read Dunk's links from people who reacted to her social network challenge.

15:42 – Independent MEP Martin Poliach again joined the debate. He reminds us of Dunk's several breaks in foreign policy. He points out that the French president did not meet with the head of the National Council, although he also met with President Andrey Kisk and Prime Minister Petr Pellegrin. The reason for this decision by the French politician was, according to Polaichka, to be the head of the SNS in the Russian Doom.

15:37 – Pocolinsky urged lawmakers to take part in the vote. He also referred to the information that Smer-SD and Most-Hide did not participate in.

15:32 – In the debate will be a deputy We are a family Peter Pčolinský. According to him, this meeting for Danke is a personal embarrassment. He recalls that senior politicians abstained from suspicion in other countries.

"The compilation was not allowed until 2000," he said.

15:30 – According to opposition Liberal MPs, the only member of the coalition who will stand up for defense of Andrei Danko will be Robert Kalinak, who was forced to leave the chairman of the interior minister.

15:27 – Enough suggests that voting on this issue is not secret but publicly. According to him, we will only know whether members of the ruling coalition trust him or not.

15:25 – SAS Vice-President Ondri Dostal said voting would not be just for trust or distrust of Andrei Danko.

14:56 – Smer-SD has not yet said whether it will participate in the vote on the opposition's no-confidence motion, Andrei Danko.

"Today's extraordinary meeting of the National Council of the SR on the proposal to dismiss Andrej Danko from the position of president of the National Council of the SR is the most accurate picture of the opposition and a significant part of the media:" The wind is awakening the storm, "Social Democrat spokesman Jan Magzugt said.

14:45 – "The main politician will not have a problem, but you are not a major politician," he said, "a satisfied person will try to get rid of this fertilizer." It should be acknowledged that every person, including you, is interchangeable, "said one Liberal MP, according to which Danko made a circus in parliament.

14:43 – 10 members spoke verbally, including Robert Kalinak, the Ex-Minister of the Interior. This series will be launched by SaS Zuzana Zimenová.

"Mr. Danko, I am appealing to you, that you want to withdraw, this is just a deciphered post. There is still time, do it," she said.

14:41 – Education Minister Martina Lubyova did not appear in parliament, but the journalists sent their opinion. According to him, the Law on Quality in Higher Education, which establishes an independent accreditation agency, was adopted on the initiative. This, according to the head of the department, must also increase the level of quality control of university work.

"At the same time, in order to prevent an unjustified scandal of academic titles, the ministry will also initiate further legislative changes in order to impose genuinely binding procedures," the education ministry said.

At the same time, he argues that under applicable laws, the university or the Ministry of Education can not find a possible copyright infringement.

14:36 ​​- Simon thinks that Danko takes parliament as a toy with which he can do what he wants. At the same time, he said they should also apply to education minister Martina Lubbova (NDS), who defended Danko's action.

14:31 – "I understand that it is not a mental problem for the coalition to express the confidence of the conqueror. This coalition did not have a problem when the Mafia moved to the government office. She did not have a problem, even when he killed the journalist and his fiancé, "said the independent MP.

14:26 – The two MEPs are following independent MEP Zolt Simon. This is reminiscent of Andrei Danko's words after his election as president of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, arguing that he wants to increase people's confidence in parliament. But that does not work.

"He also needs to step down because he has to face criticism. The coalition does not want to protect him," Simon said.

14:07 – According to Grohling, there is a dangerous view of Slovak education, which still has a pretty bad picture.

14:04 – The Liberal MP points out that Danko's behavior in writing rigorous paper sends a negative link to the sincere student learning.

14:01 – MPs continue to lunch after lunch break. A few of those who joined the discussion lost their rank because they were not present. The council was given to SAS Branislav Grohling.

12:53 – According to Andrei Danko in connection with the hearing of the thesis of President Andrei Kisk, he talked about the country's head of state Roman Krpelan on the social network.

12:00 – Parliament Speaker Andrew Hernchiar announced a break in the talks by 2 pm.

11:54 – Richard Sulík responded to Dunk's statements, demonstrating his graduation thesis on tax reform. He also added that he did not know that the issue of the degree was publicly available, including vulgarism.

11:39 – "Andrey Danko, who is the captain, is a Jew, and so is a man. It's just a fake," said Natalia Milanova from OĽaNO,

11:19 – Martin Poliacic points out that Danka does not hinder the MP in a coalition or CSS member. Only the opposition delegates, members of the coalition, are in a plenary debate. "Where are they? Keep a bottle in clubs waiting to be voted out," Poliachik says.

11:14 – According to Gabor Grendel and Martin Poliachik, the question is whether Education Minister Martina Luby should be dismissed from her post. They do not like Dunk's rigorous work to make it easier.

11:07 – Danko told reporters several of his remarks about the defense of rigorous work.


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11:00 – At 11:40, SAS Richard Sullivan will appear at the briefing. Answer the words of Dunk that his work is not available.

10:58 – The vote of no confidence by the head of parliament, initiated by opposition MPs, will be secret. According to our information from many well-informed sources, that is why Smer-SD and Most-Hid obviously do not participate in this decision.

10:48 – Peter Osuski of Sas mentions the names of several prominent foreign statesmen who resigned after they became known as plagiarists.

10:41 – The second highest constitutional factor, according to Natalia Blahova of SAS, is an exemplary and convinced plagiarist, not a doctor of law. The same applies to the committee that examines Danko's work.

10:34 – Andrei Danko left the Chamber. Like almost all MPs, the SNS and the Bridge.

10:19 – Darko's speech gave Boris Kolar a feeling until he read it. As soon as he began to talk from his own head, it was "a stupid one" for Kolar. Like Danko, they sound like boys in the sandboxes with headbangs. In the Chamber of Conduct, Kolar's speech is cheerful.

10:10 – Thirteen MPs entered the debate. Currently, Miroslav Sopot from OĽaNO. "I was disappointed with the attitude of the Ministry of Education, which takes it only as a personal matter between Mr. Dunk and the faculty."

9:58 – Nicholson again reached the word. "As for the work of Mr. Sullivan, he only sent me his diploma work, which Mr. Danko could not find. I was allowed to resign Mr. Danko, at this point he should have in her e-mail, "she said.

9:54 – Danko attacked the head of the movement We are the family of Boris Kolar. "Mr Kolar, there are no dead people around me, companies in Cyprus, mafia. I know you are nervous, but I have never been accused."

9:50 – "I know this is not a scientific matter, but it's not such an ambition for rigorous acts," he says.

9:47 – "Look at the fact that Sulík's work is not in a comprehensive form of the Internet, there are no links to the sources he used and that he has several texts from foreign literature. Look at the work of the president and other people I will not call them now," Danko continues .

9:46 – Danko now began to talk about the final work of the head of the SAS, Richard Sulik, whose name was the first to speak ill. "Do you laugh? I laughed when I ate the children and did not get it," he said.

9:41 – "I am embarrassed for Slovakia abroad? I am the only president of the Parliament, who allowed me to speak in their parliaments," said Danko. He also notes that he speaks in the Russian State Duma.

9:38 – "Rigorous work has no parameters of scientific work. It can also be done using the compilation method," said the president of the CIS.

9:37 – Danko says he has honorably attended the Comenius University for six years, where he spent dozens of tests. "In any case, I escaped from my school," he continues. In his rigorous work, he defended himself in 2000, he said, all sources say. "Dnevnik N is deceiving, the authors are mentioned in the paragraphs," he says.


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9:30 – "Without a proper trial, you want to terrorize people, you say that it is dear, you do not have. Such a false campaign can affect one of you in the future," says the speaker of parliament.

9:28 – The word was signed by Andrei Danko. "We heard the words on one side full of shit, on the other side of the insulting insults," he told the performance of Margo Nicholson.

9:22 – Danco, according to Nicholson, regularly sues women in parliament. "I remember that I humiliated my colleague Blakhova when I told her that I was a lawyer, Mrs. Blahova, and I would not speak to a kindergarten teacher."

9:20 – Nicholson turns into Coalition MPs and asks if Andrew Danke does not care when reading articles in foreign media. "Do not you feel ashamed that such a person goes beyond the borders of the Republic and that he should represent us?" He asks.

9:15 – "I wonder – how does a person with such a DNA remain when he gets a job and gets the power? Can he perform the constitutional function honestly? Can he handle power responsibly? Can he lie, steal?" Asks Nicholson .

9:12 – "The plagiarist, the cheat and the fake man can not be the second highest constitutional agent," said Lucia Diaris Nicholson (SAS) at the opening of the vice-presidential meeting.

09:06Members of the European Parliament approved the agenda for today's extraordinary meeting. This means that a meeting of the reunification of Andrei Danko will take place. Lawmakers also voted for negotiations after 19:00 hours until the end of the meeting.

Today the opposition is again trying to appeal to National Assembly Speaker Andrej Danko about the case of his rigorous work. The first attempt by opposition MPs in early November did not work, and coalition members did not vote for an extraordinary meeting program.

This time the situation is different. After it was discovered that Danko had written most of his rigorous work from five publications, the SNS chief himself said he wanted to hold the meeting.

But, Danka is likely to hold the entire coalition. This despite the fact that the first statement by the coalition More Success proposed the opposite.

"Given the information published, the President of the National Council of the Slovak Republic should make a personal decision," said Clara Debern, a spokeswoman for the party, asking whether the party would consider Danka's stay last week.

Although many understood the statement, so that Most wanted Dunko to finish, Bulgarian himself denied it for several days.

"This is his job. This is not a matter for the coalition, it's his decision to do what he will do," said the bridge leader, and party lawmakers also said the same thing.

"We can not see Danko's rigorous work as something that the government should fall into," says Peter Antal.

Dan hates

All SNS lawmakers stood behind their president. "The president of the Slovak National Party, Andrej Danko, has personal responsibility only to his family, deputy SNS, a member of the SNS and voters," SNS vice president Tibor Bernayak said in response to the Most-Hide Hearing spokesman.

Danke also defends the Directorate. He believes he is a legitimate president of the National Council, whose composition comes from free democratic elections.

"I say, well, let's use today's technology to evaluate all the work that has been done in the past 50 years, and what conclusions do we draw from that? There is equality before the law and it does not matter whether it is Andrey Danka or an unnamed man of Horna Dolna, "says the head of parliamentary committee for education Ľubomír Petrák of Smer.

Danko's plagiarism is so openly criticized only by the opposition. "The disrespect of foreign texts is unacceptable," said Lucia DiRice Nicholson (SAS), vice president of parliament. Former Minister of Culture for direction Marek Maddcic added to the criticism.

We will attend an ONLINE Extraordinary Meeting.

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