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Old Ross from Friends: Gray Beard, Beautiful Woman But ..

David Schwimmer was born on September 2, 1966. After high school, he was considering studying medicine and law, which his parents did. However, in the end, he took a completely different path and studied art and acting.

Movies and series didn't attract him much. He founded the theater company Lookingglass, to which he was happy to dedicate.

David Schwimmer and his beginnings – the wonderful years.

David Schwimmer

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Once upon a time, David was tempted to appear in front of the cameras. The whole world knows him mainly because of his role in the Friends series where he portrayed Ross.

David Schwimmer as one of the stars in Friends.

David Schwimmer

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As for privacy, David met in 2007 with British photographer and artist Zoe Buckman. In 2010 they were married and a year later they gave birth to a daughter named Cleo. In 2017 Schwimmer and his beautiful wife announced the breakup. A few weeks ago they were shot by paparazzi on the streets. Whether they found their way back to each other or it was just a friendly encounter, you don't know.

David Schwimmer's beard is already known for its gray

David Schwimmer


David Schwimmer and Zoe Buckman have such a beautiful daughter.

David Schwimmer, Zoe Buckman

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