Saturday , June 19 2021

Oh, what will grow in the hospital in Michalovce

The old surgical pavilion, located next to the new hospital in Michalovce, will replace the new polyclinic. On Friday, they started with bruises.

During the briefing Marián Haviernik, director of the Marián Haviernik hospital, the main part of this pavilion will be ambulances and staff rooms, as well as a place for other workplaces. The patient will find all coffins. The building will have four above-ground storeys and one underground storey. "It will be connected to the main hospital building with two-level corridors," he said.

Already in the middle of October, windows or PVC flooring were removed. On Friday they started cleaning the building from the upper floor to the basement. "We expect some discomfort with regard to patients, visitors, and society. I want to ask them to ease the punishment. Of course, we have the means to minimize them, "said Haviernik in connection with the new building, for example with plastic windows, roller blinds or air conditioning, where ventilation is not needed.

"We will use this technology in anti-burglary works, so we do not care too much, we will use a water gun, the device itself has water jets that will eliminate this dust"The burying mechanism also removes structural parts by sequentially disassembling the pliers for demolition, minimizing noise.

According to Jan Fedáková from the World of Health Hospitals network, which includes Michalovce, the work will last from Monday to Saturday from 7:00 to 18:00. "The sanitation of the building should last until mid-December, after which, by mid-January next year, there will remain hundreds of buildings left. Waste will be separated, and their concrete part can be reused after re-use to rebuild the new building,"She explained.

The new clinic pavilion should start construction in the middle of next year, and its launch is planned for the beginning of 2021. "Initial investment costs in the construction of a building amount to over five million euros without VAT" He said.

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